Big W promotes book sexualising children

Big W is deleting public reviews of 'Welcome to Sex: Your no-silly-questions guide to sexuality, pleasure and figuring it out' written by ABC personality Yumi Stynes and teen magazine advice columnist Dr Melissa Kang.

Even the Daily Mail had to put a warning on their report about the book:

The book is nominally aimed at 10 to 15 year olds. However co-author Yumi Synes has said she would “be happy with a mature 8-yo having a flick through”. 

The book is not merely about the function of sex but explicitly promotes all sorts of sexual activity to children. 

“On the eve of the book's release Stynes told website Mamamia that she hoped the work would help parents talk candidly about sex with their children.

'I think a lot of parents have inherited shame from their own parents and from our culture and society at large,' Stynes said.

'I think it's partly shame about icky body fluids, but parents also worry about saying the wrong thing.

She hopes the book will be a 'trusted resource' that will stop parents stumbling into saying the 'wrong thing or saying something that's informed by sexism or bad science'”.

The graphically illustrated book depicts teenagers engaging in oral sex, scissoring, compares penis sizes, anal sex, fingering, labelling virginity a myth, pornography, LGBT+ sex and gender identity. 

Males are described as “penis owners” and females are labelled “vagina owners.”

Again, it is all graphically illustrated!

It looks more like a porn book for children than an educational guide. 

Why are so many people defending, promoting and protecting the sexualisation of children? 

Why do they think it is necessary to expose children to graphic images of teenagers engaged in sexual activity? 

This book, and movement, is not about educating children. It is about ‘normalising’ adult sexual activities and introducing children to adult concepts way before they need to be.