Clear distinction between male and female in Futsal

In NSW, Football NSW set the rules for Futsal, an indoor version of soccer. There are age divisions, male and female divisions and a mixed competition.

The rules state:

Mixed Teams are allowed 6 players, (three males and three female) with one of the males being the goalkeeper. Women can be more than three on a Field but men can’t.

Mixed Competition Goal Scoring:

A male player can only score a goal from inside the goal area of his opponents, this only counts as one goal.

A female player may score from anywhere on the field, this counts for two goals, except if the ball takes a deflection off another play then the goal only counts as one.

Notice how Football NSW uses the words “women” and “female” interchangeably.

“Woman” is an adult human female. “Female” is a scientific term that denotes the biological reality of gamete production, chromosomes, skeletal structure. Men are not women. Males cannot become female.

It is clear that females are considered disadvantaged when it comes to participating with males, hence the handicap of one goal equalling two points if scored by a female and limits as to where the goals can be scored from by males.

Why would that be? Is it because females think differently to males or is it because female bodies are different to males?

Any rational person knows the answer. It is because there are demonstrable physiological differences between males and females.

Males have twice the fast-twitch muscle fibres, are generally larger in build, stronger because of their bone density and muscle mass, faster and increased stamina because of a myriad of physical advantages they have by virtue of being male.

In futsal there is a very clear delineation when it comes to mixed competitions between males and females. Yet in full field outdoor soccer, Football NSW allow males to play in female divisions.

Why do the differences matter in futsal but not soccer?

Why are females recognised as being at a physical disadvantage in futsal, but not soccer?

Why are females awarded two points against the males in Futsal but are not even allowed to complain if there is a male bodied person in the women’s teams in soccer?