Caitlyn Jenner opposes males in female sports

Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete and prominent transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner has taken aim at the aggressive agenda to allow males into women’s sports and spaces.

Jenner has launched a new political action committee called “Fairness First” to address and campaign on the issues.

“Today I publicly launch Fairness First PAC to fight the radical gender ideology, put parental rights at the forefront of education, and keep boys out of women’s sports,” the Olympic gold medalist tweeted.

“We are a movement, non-partisan in nature, with the intention of empowering parental rights especially in light of radical gender ideology infiltrating our children in school — especially in sports and the classroom,” the Fairness First website reads. “We value protecting young children, and the parental rights associated with having your young child go through the indoctrinating instruction in school and unfair advantages of biological boys competing against girls in sports.” 

“Fairness First is prepared to fight on behalf of parents and their children,” the PAC’s action plan says. “Our plan is simple. We will protect our children by rejecting radical gender ideology in our schools and in youth sports, from the top of the ballot to the bottom.”

The discourse around males appropriating female stereotypes and accessing women’s sport has descended into throwing around baseless insults and making threats to silence opposition.

The media, many politicians and most sporting organisations refuse to engage in any reasonable debate about the unfair, and unsafe advantages males have due to their size, strength and capacity for speed and stamina. Most refuse to define the word ‘woman’ or explain why there are male and female divisions in sport if men can participate in women’s divisions.

For Jenner as a prominent transgender person to spearhead this group is encouraging and necessary.

Women and girls deserve the right to engage in single-sex sport and spaces for their own dignity, safety and fairness.

Transgender people are free to compete in divisions that accord with their biological reality, or in separate trans or mixed competitions. There is no reason to allow males to play in female divisions.