Boy steals a girl’s opportunity to compete at state level

Every week new stories emerge about males taking the place of women in sport. Stories of female athletes who are forced to be silent if they want to keep competing. Female athletes who are forced to concede spaces, prizes, opportunities and scholarships for the sake of boys who lie and expect everyone to treat them as female.

No one can change sex. No one. 

Yet, sporting organisations around the world are falling over themselves to impose a lie on female athletes to appear woke and progressive.

Look at the fourth place getter on the podium. A girl, Adeline Johnson, robbed of her chance to compete at state titles, for the sake of the boy, Athena Ryan, who took second place.

Athena Ryan took second place Saturday in the high school women’s 1600 meter race at the North Coast Meet of Champions in California. The top three athletes advance to the CIF State Track & Field Championships next week.

Ryan, a junior at Sonoma Academy, competed on the men’s team in 2021. But he’s been running in women’s events for the past two seasons.

In Saturday’s meet, he clocked a season-record 4:55:91 in the 1600m finals.

He would have finished last in the male category.

The slowest male time in the preliminaries was 4:46:54. The slowest male time in the finals was 4:35:12

Ryan could compete in his male category but he clearly wouldn’t win any awards. He has a free pass to take a place from the girls though, because if he *feels* like a girl then we all have to accept that he is one. 

All evidence points to the fact he is male. The feelings of males who appropriate female stereotypes is now a protected attribute. Tough luck to the girls who train and compete and just want a fair playing field. 

It is not all Ryan’s fault, the blame also has to lay on his parents, the officials and peak bodies that allow this nonsense to exist. No one is saying he can’t compete. He simply needs to stick to the male category, or they should create an open or trans category.

Watch Ryan’s interview after he claimed 2nd prize here.