Boy beats girls at NSW athletic carnival

He was competing as a girl, how is that fair?

The father of a senior high school girl from a state school in NSW emailed me this week with a personal account of how the trans train has rolled right over girl’s rights in a NSW High School.

At an athletics carnival held during the last week of term 1 a biological male, a boy who has been through puberty competed as a girl and won.

He unsurprisingly beat the girls, robbing them of a first-place that belongs to girls and the opportunity to represent the school at the district carnival, state and maybe even nationals.

I say unsurprisingly because biological males have a distinct, unarguable, scientifically proven, evidence-based advantage over biological females when it comes to strength, stamina and speed.

World Rugby have the most recent stats and evidence if you want to check it out.

2 years ago, in January 2019, I warned this would happen. Little Athletics Australia announced they would let kids to self-identify as what-ever-they-like to compete in their preferred category.

Binary showed, how in every Little A’s event, even the third-placed males beat the top placed females. Every. Single. Time.

These results are reproduced in schools, country clubs, state titles, nationals, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

Somehow radical trans activists have managed to guilt all of these associations and organisations into preferring the desires of biological males at the expense of female athletes everywhere!

Boys and men who have been through puberty. Fellas who have all their gear intact. Blokes who have greater bone density, larger muscle mass, bigger lung capacity and blood flow, and all of the advantages of testosterone are allowed, even encouraged, to make superficial changes such as go by a girls name and female pronouns, in order to run circles around the girls in sport.

It is obscene, unfair and outrageous!

Girls deserve to have their own category in sport. Girls deserve the opportunity to compete free from male dominance in their chosen sport.

These girls have sacrificed so much to train and achieve their goals, and yet these blokes are allowed to appeal to superficial feelings and stereotypes to claim they are also girls and then rob them of what is theirs!

Parents, we have to stand up for our kids. This is not fair! It is not right. It is not just.

If you don’t think this can happen in your school or sporting association, you are wrong! It is happening and the time for action is now.