Basketball Victoria to allow males in female teams

A biologically male basketballer is set to play in Victoria’s NBL1 South women’s competition, according to media reports.

Basketball Victoria is working through the eligibility requirements for the player to join the Kilsyth Cobras.

Former NBA star Andrew Bogut called out the ludicrous situation on Twitter.

“Word is @NBL1 South Women will have a biological Male playing this upcoming season,” Bogut tweeted.

“Are you ok with sacrificing the sanctity of Female Sport in the name of ‘inclusion’? #GirlDads where are you?

“The hashtag is trendy until action is needed.”

The tweet was met with a great deal of support and some opposition.

Current NBL player Anthony Drmic responded to Bogut’s tweet, describing the move to allow a transgender athlete into the NBL1 competition as “wild”.

Former NBL player Matt Shanahan said the move would only open a “massive can of worms” if given the tick of approval.

“I’m a girl dad who has a 16-year-old daughter in an NBL 1 South squad who has been asked if she would be comfortable with this,” said Shanahan, who is currently coaching the Victorian Metro Under 18s side,

“Opening a massive can of worms if this is allowed.”

A current women’s player tweeted support for the male about to enter competition. She said she had nothing but respect for the man.

Bogut has previously shown his willingness to speak out about transgender ideology in sport, calling out Football Australia for requiring the sexual identity of his 6-year-old upon registration.

Allowing feelings to override biological facts is unsafe and unfair. Gender ideology does not belong in sport.

Basketball Australia and Basketball Victoria are actively denying the advantages male competitors have over females in sport. For the sake of appeasing the feelings of transgender activists they are trampling over women and girls’ rights to a safe and fair playing field. Female basketballers who object will be vilified and possibly even penalised if they raise concerns.

Why do male and female divisions exist?

We all know the answer to that.

Males have a scientifically proven advantage over females. Testosterone provides the basis for greater strength, stamina and speed. It is important to note that lowering testosterone does not negate bone structure, blood volume, heart and lung capacity, fast twitch muscle fibres as well as hand and feet size. Usually when a lowering of testosterone is required, the levels for the male player are still 3-10 times higher than the average female.

Very few people ever mention the fact that female athletes have a reduced capacity one week every month due to their menstrual cycle. No male athlete will ever have to endure that. It is a psychological and physiological advantage that males will always have over females. Not to mention female athletes have a physical disadvantage when they get pregnant or breastfeed.

Male and female divisions exist for fairness and safety. Women and girls have a right to enjoy single-sex sport. By all means create a transgender category or mixed teams. As long as females fully consent to competing with males there is no problem.

The problem arises when male officials impose their ideological beliefs at the expense of women’s reality.

Will this policy be like Football Australia’s that opens the door to males accessing women and girl’s teams and toilets? Will there be any pathway to register concerns? What will happen to girls who speak out? Will they be bullied, silenced, cancelled like the female soccer players of Australia are?

The Australian Institute of Sport and the Human Rights Commission are actively eroding women’s safety and fairness in sport, cancelling women who object and showing enormous bias and preference to males who appropriate female stereotypes. They need to be held to account and women need to be granted safe and fair access to all sports in this country.

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