Australia’s first female PM refuses to answer ‘What is a Woman?’

Watch former female Prime Minister Julia Gillard make an absolute fool of herself as she fails to answer the question “What is a Woman?”

Waffling for four minutes, she stumbles over herself and makes no sense at all, as she tries to worm her way out of answering the simple yet essential question all feminists, and in fact all people, must answer accurately. 

Gillard knows precisely what a woman is. 

She is one. 

She also knows that if she answers the question truthfully she will betray her own actions in removing sex-based rights from the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 when she was Prime Minister. 

That legislation, thanks to Gillard, no longer provides protections for males or females. 

It only protects those who pretend to be the opposite sex.

A woman is an adult human female. 

That is a fact; it is evidence based and it is truthful.

It is a lie to claim men can be women. No one can change their sex. It is impossible. Our sex is evidenced in our DNA, our reproductive systems, our skeletal frames and so much more.

Gillard wants to play us all as fools, but she and anyone else who won’t tell the truth about people changing sex are the real fools.