Why the Sex-Discrimination Act must change

What do you think when you hear the words 'Sex Discrimination'?

You probably think of unfairness and inequality on the grounds of sex: men and women, male and female.

Throughout history, and in 1984 when the Sex Discrimination Act was written, sex has always referred to males and females, but in its current form the Sex Discrimination Act contains no definition of bioloigical sex – that was taken out of the Act by Labor in 2013. Who would’ve thought we’d need a legal definition of man and woman?

So who exactly does this legislation protect? Now, it’s not about protection at all. It’s a politically charged law used as a weapon by radical activists to threaten politicians, the media and everyday mums and dads into compliance with their extremist political ideology.

As a result of removing the definitions of man and woman, male and female, people – especially politicians and bureaucrats – are terrified of answering the most basic question, “what is a woman?”

Not one female minister for women in this country can answer this very simple question. Not at a federal level, not at a state level. Not one Premier or the Prime Minister himself dare state what a woman is, for fear of falling foul of the anti-discrimination police. It would appear that they have more power in this country than the government itself.

When asked in writing, the most fundamental question that even a small child can answer, some politicians ignored the question, while most stated “anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman”. The same goes for the definition of men. It is a ludicrous statement that makes no sense. How can you identify as something if it is not defined? How can a woman have a penis? Can men really get pregnant? Is being a woman just an emotion? What exactly does it ‘feel’ like to be a man? Does facial hair really sum up what it is to be male?

References to men and women, male and female were removed from the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 via amendments several years ago. The sex discrimination act no longer refers to a person’s sex!

This lets ministers for women, state premiers and the PM shield themselves behind legislation that is based on a fallacy. The Act is wrong. It is a very bad piece of legislation. It is immoral, unscientific and harmful.

It needs to change. A definition of sex needs to be there in black and white.

If sex is not a protected characteristic in the Sex Discrimination Act, how can we defend and promote sex-based rights? If sex – that is male or female – is not referred to or defined, how do we know discrimination has or has not occurred?

There are no other sexes. Sex is binary: male or female. No law can change this fact, but laws not founded in biological reality will do untold harm to our children and our communities.

Women and children suffer the most with males now allowed access to women’s sport, services and private spaces. This dreadful Act allows males to play in women’s sporting categories. They have unfair advantages due to their size, strength and stamina – all evidenced by science. Yet because politicians capitulated to extremists, we are left with terrible laws that allow this travesty.

Males are increasingly insisting they can enter female spaces such as change rooms, toilets and women’s refuges because they ‘feel’ like it. They are protected by the Sex Discrimination Act that allowed them to claim they are women simply because of feelings, a costume, daily pill popping or body mutilation surgery. As a direct result of this bad law, full-bodied male criminals can now seek to be placed in female jails.

This is happening in Australia right now. This legislation protects the appropriation of sex, but not biological sex. This is why it is so important to define the terms male and female, man and woman in law.

And that’s exactly what Senator Claire Chandler is planning to do. The Tasmanian Liberal has taken brave steps to introduce her own Private Senator’s Bill to protect the safety of women and girls in sport. She will stand up to the woke mob, and fight to restore the sex-based rights of women and girls and to force other politicians to pick a side.

We must support her and the politicians willing to join her. Bad laws must be challenged by good people. It is time for the good ones to make themselves known.