Aussie Basketball hero Andrew Bogut’s one-man war on ‘fact-checkers’

Australian Basketball hero Andrew Bogut is taking on the ABC/RMIT “fact-checkers” in a one-man Instagram crusade.

It started when the former Milwaukee Bucks star used his massive Instagram and Twitter platform to raise awareness of Dan Andrew’s dangerous LGBTIQ Student Support policy that allows schools to undertake gender transition without parental consent.

“Victoria today. Parents, all ok with this?” Bogut asked, accompanied by a screenshot of the government website with his source referenced in the photo. 

The basketballer’s post received a “false information” warning, citing an incorrect RMIT “fact check” – which remains on the post as of writing.


Not one to be silenced, Bogut immediately called out the false fact check.

Fact checked by @instagram as false information.

Here is the link straight from a gov wesbite!

Under the Parenral Consent heading.

And in a second post that was also labelled “false” information;

Direct screenshots from the Victorian Goverment website.

Lets try this again @instagram

Parents: discuss…..

Link for reference

 Not content with being repeatedly censored for posting screenshots and links to the government website in question, Bogut decided it was time to take on the fact-checkers themselves.

I took the liberty to do quick little deep dive on the @ABCFactCheck comrades.
Check out my instagram for more.
No surprises though….

After finding out who they were he said he was sure there was “definitely no bias” and mocked them saying they were “stunning and brave” and “geniuses”.  

Andrew also took issue with the RMIT’s biased “fact” checking being publicly funded by the tax-payer supplied ABC.

As if our taxes that pay @rmitfactlab was not enough.
I guess its hard keep all those geniuses in one room on Gov salaries, so hey please donate to their crusade comrades!!
For more info and laughs here is their site with all their profiles.

The saga is ongoing, but it seems Bogut’s massive reach has the RMIT scared.

The basketballer wrote directly to the RMIT FactLab asking for feedback on why his post was censored and the team replied that they were “looking into the matter”.


The genius team @rmitfactlab need some time to prepare a statement regarding my post was fact checked:false.

Interesting? 🤔🤔🤔#l

Why do they need time.

Its either false, or is isnt?

Can’t wait for reason as its a DIRECT cut n paste from the Vic Gov website!!! 

Bogut’s one-man crusade against censorship and lies is ongoing, and we’re definitely in support!

We’ll keep you updated when the RMIT Factlab team finds a reason for their “false information” lie.