ACON given $3.3million to further erase what it is to be a woman

Senator Claire Chandler has revealed that the federal health department quietly handed $3.3 MILLION in cervical cancer awareness funding to ACON, the lobby group which calls women “people with a cervix”. 

Just months after millions were handed over, ACON awarded the Department a “Gold Employer Award” at its annual awards.

ACON also refers to the cervix as a ‘front hole.’

ACON began as the Aids Council in NSW and has morphed into a multimillion dollar lobby group for all things rainbow around the country. 

They are particularly focused on the lie that people can change their sex, as well as on erasing terminology such as woman, breastfeeding and mother from the English language. Their use of tax-payer funds to create such campaigns is offensive and harmful.

Dr Kathleen Gribble from Western Sydney University said the language is confusing, especially for migrant women. She suggested a specific campaign to target women who identify as male and leave the word woman alone in the main campaign for an issue as serious as cervical cancer.

Senator Chandler said enough is enough: 

“What we really want to see from government first of all is a clear statement that this dehumanising, exclusive, horrible language that tries to erase what it means to be a woman is going to stop.”