ABC forced to apologise over false claim

Australia’s tax-payer funded broadcaster, the ABC, has made an embarrassing apology for making false claims about puberty blockers.

They were caught out for claiming the drugs used as part of the “affirmation” pathway for gender confused children were “completely reversible.”

They are not.

Puberty blockers are experimental drugs in this context, being used off-label as they have not undergone rigorous or extensive testing for this style of use.

What we do know is that boys who begin puberty blockers at the onset of puberty will never be able to experience orgasm in adulthood due to their body unable to gain exposure to testosterone. This process cannot be paused and resumed later in life.

There are also serious concerns about brain and bone density development, as well as fertility issues.

It is reckless and irresponsible for the ABC to claim they are reversible. They continue to push the narrative that people can change sex but they can’t. They continue to try and normalise gender confusion in teenagers, but it is not kind to lie about the real and dire consequences.

While they may have issued a paltry apology, it is way past time they did a deep dive and revealed the truth about puberty blockers and the lie that a person can change their sex.