Senator Ralph Babet urges voters to act

Federal Senator for Victoria, Ralph Babet, has encouraged followers to not despair after Senator Alex Antic’s bill failed to be referred to a committee. In a post on X, he said that the bill will be debated in 2024. 

It is disappointing that the bill was not referred to a committee, as it means the public cannot make submissions. Voters can still make a difference, by contacting the Senators in their state and urging them to vote to safeguard children from irreversible harm. 

A child cannot get a tattoo, order a beer, or place a bet on a horse.

Yet that same child, who cannot buy a pack of cigarettes, is allowed to undergo radical medical treatment that can result in sterilisation and bodily disfigurement.

No normal, sane, or rational person thinks this is normal or sane or rational. 

That is why I'm proud to co-sponsor the Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill 2023 with Senator Antic, Canavan, and Roberts. A bill seeks to restrict radical gender treatments to adults. That's all.

It is our responsibility to protect children from activists and from an ideology that has no basis in biology, science, or medicine.

Recently we attempted to send this bill to a Senate Committee. This process would have allowed you to have your say, and public hearings would have occurred. This opportunity was taken from you by the Greens, by Labor and by some in the Liberal party.

It's just a sign of the times and a sad reflection on Labor and the Greens that they refused to let you have your say. But don't despair this bill will be debated in the Senate in 2024.

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. 

Please contact your parliamentary representatives today. 

The UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and many states in the USA have banned harmful treatments for minors due to their experimental and irreversible nature. Urge our politicians here in Australia to do the same.