Sign this petition & force a vote on protection children from irreversible surgery

You can help put a stop to the ideology that is resulting in children and young people in Australia undergoing invasive surgery and puberty blockers that leave them with a plethora of lifelong medical issues.

Your signature on this petition will help get the message out to our federal parliamentarians to support Senator Alex Antic’s private member’s bill to ban underage children from receiving hormone treatment or invasive gender surgery.  

There are unprecedented numbers of children lining up at gender clinics being sold the lie that they can change their gender.

Yet we know that more and more young people later regret these treatments, after it’s too late.

There are many countries overseas who have paused or banned these treatments altogether for children and young people. 

It is important that we do the same here in Australia.

Together, we can send the federal parliament a strong message that this bill is needed now. 

Your signature on this petition will help support Senator Antic’s bill and provide more awareness and support for this important bill.

Young people are not old enough to vote, to buy alcohol or get tattoos, but we are treating them as ‘mature minors’ when it comes to agreeing to irreversible treatments that have untold consequences for the rest of their lives.

Sign this petition to support Senator Antic’s laws to protect children and keep them safe from treatments and surgeries that many may later deeply regret.

Tell our federal parliament that there’s a groundswell of people who want to care for our gender confused young people and want this abuse to stop.

Yours in protecting children and young people,

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman

To the federal parliament:

Children and young people expect that the adults in their lives will protect them from harm. 

Allowing young people to undergo hormone therapy, puberty blockers and invasive surgery in an attempt to transition their gender is a risky practice without any scientific or medical basis that is harming our children and young people. No amount of drugs will change a person’s gender.

Children and young people cannot consent to such treatments, nor can they agree to the long term effects and consequences that these treatments bring for the rest of their lives. 

While many countries overseas, including the United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden, as well as many states in the United States have paused or banned these treatments altogether for minors, Australia is pushing full steam ahead with providing these treatments to minors.

There are more and more young people speaking up about their regret following their transitions, sadly after it’s too late for many of them. 

Please support Senator Alex Antic’s private members bill to ban all forms of gender reassignment treatment and surgery for those aged under 18 years old, including the controversial and increasing use of puberty blockers.

This bill is a sensible way forward, and will ensure that we protect and care for our young people who are not old enough to make such permanent and life-altering decisions. 

Our children and young people deserve our protection and care.

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