Powerful testimonies about males in women’s sport

There were some fiery exchanges at a US subcommittee hearing this week surrounding the issue of males participating in female sporting divisions.

Republicans on the House Oversight subcommittee on health care and financial services initiated the hearing to discuss the Biden Administration’s changing Title IX laws that protect females in sport.

The subcommittee chairwoman, Rep. Lisa McClain of Michigan, declared she would not stop protecting women’s rights. She emphatically declared she would never back down. 

She described the current situation as a “shameless failure” by the Biden Administration. 

Mrs McLain said, “We have spent decades trying to protect women. And you know what, we won! So I will not apologise now or ever for trying to protect my daughters and women in sports. And that’s what this hearing was about.

Riley Gaines, former collegiate swimmer gave a moving and powerful testimony about being forced to compete against male Lia Thomas. 

She described having to hand over a trophy, and how the girls had to share a change room with Thomas and his intact genitalia. 

She was scathing toward those who are allowing males to cheat and steal from women.

"A school that knowingly allows a male athlete to take a spot on a women's team or allows a male athlete to take the field in a women's game is denying a female student athletic opportunity, and that is sex-based discrimination and it violates Title IX."

Gaines was also accused of “transphobic bigotry” but didn’t let it slip, snapping back that opposing her is simply misogyny.

After Democrat @RepSummerLee  (D-PA) said @Riley_Gaines_  engages in "transphobic bigotry" by opposing boys in girls sports, Riley fired back by saying "if my testimony makes me transphobic then you are a misogynist."

Lee then moved to have Gaines' words struck out but she was not successful.

Kim Russell, Former Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach at Oberlin College also delivered a powerful testimony.

“I have been a women’s lacrosse coach for more than 27 years.

“I have been inducted into three halls of fame for coaching and contributing to the growth of lacrosse, and there is an award in my name.

“Oberlin College removed me from coaching women’s lacrosse after I chose to publicly tell my story and refused to be silent or back down about my belief that men—no matter how they self-identify—should not be allowed to compete in women’s sporting events.”

Several Democrats defended males in female sports, along with calling their opposition names such as bigots or transphobes.

It is incredible that in 2023, women are having to fight for their sex-based rights all over again. The suffragettes must be turning in their graves.