You can make a difference countering gender identity lies

The only “conversion therapy” going on in this country is the attempt to convert people from their natal sex to an appropriation of stereotypes of the opposite sex.

It is all based on a harmful lie. 

It is a lie to claim a person can transition to the opposite sex; no one can.

In the process, children are being put on experimental and off-label drugs and surgical pathways that cause catastrophic, irreversible harm. 

A NSW mother has shared the comprehensive and powerful notes she prepared to meet with her local elected political representatives.

You might find this helpful as you prepare to contact your local MP.

This is specific to NSW but you can also use the information to tailor it to your state and circumstances. It is here to inspire you and inform you.

There are several other ways to take action on the Binary website. 

You can download fact sheets.

You can join campaigns.

You can sign up to volunteer.