What Are They Teaching Our Children?

Gender ideology is based on lies. No one can change their sex.

Men cannot be women. Women cannot become men.

Children are not mature minors.

During the same sex marriage campaign, I and others warned that if we redefine words like marriage, we would also have to redefine other words. We also warned children would be exposed to increasingly sexualised propaganda that would lead to great harm.

All our warnings have come true, and then some. Some much faster than we anticipated.

Let me say that I am not opposed to same sex couples having legal rights, I am opposed to redefining words. Same sex couples could have the same legal rights without labelling their union as marriage.

I am also not opposed to males appropriating female stereotypes, or vice versa. I am opposed to being forced to accept their fantasy as reality. No one in Australia should ever be compelled to lie about evidence based science and reality. No one can change their sex.

Redefining the words woman to include men renders the word meaningless.

Redefining children as mature minors is exceedingly dangerous. They are children and they do not reach maturity until they are adults. Science tells us the reasoning part of a human brain does not reach full maturity until we are in our 20s. I don’t care whether it is tattoos, vaccines, medical procedures, marriage, voting, driving vehicles or drinking alcohol, we protect children because they are not mature!

Make no mistake, they want us to accept children as mature minors for their benefit, not the benefit of the child. Make no mistake, if they can convince society a child can consent to medical procedures like puberty blockers or cross sex hormones, if they can convince you that a child can be a mature minor when it comes to “changing their sex”, then they will also try to convince you that children can consent to having sex.

The education system is now so captured that schools routinely teach sexualised content to children. Sexual orientations, sexual identities, sexual activities. Note the word sexual.

I am not talking about scientific sex education that children can be exposed to by their caregivers for their own safety and education. I am talking about blatant celebrations and enticing subject matter that exposes children to adult sexual concepts.

Rainbows and wear it purple and IDAHOBIT days and special lessons and classes for children who are confused about the reality of sex. Enticements and punishments that direct immature children to believe that gender identity supersedes reality.

And it is starting very young in this country. Here is an example of a book aimed at 3-5 year olds that you will find in many libraries. It claims that doctors and adults can only guess whether you are male or female. It sows seeds of doubt and mistrust for adults while encouraging children to follow their feelings, not truth.

Preschool classrooms are filled with rainbow and trans flags with many “special” days of celebration, special food, special music, special clothing, special activities and special days dedicated to celebrating sexual activity of adults.

It has infiltrated the education system and captured the imaginations of immature humans that are entrusted to us to care for. And penalties abound for anyone who opposes it.

Let me tell you about a kindergarten child that had a little mate called Max. Not his real name of course but a true story. The teacher told the class that little Max was no longer a boy, and that as of next week he must be called Maxine and referred to as a girl. The kindergarten child understandably went home and explained it to his Mum. Mum said, listen mate, we don’t agree with that but because Max is your friend just be polite and call him Maxine.

The next week the little child went to school and said, “My Mum said I had to call you Maxine, but we don’t believe you can be a girl. But because you are my friend I will call you Maxine.” That little child, aged 6 at the time, was suspended for three days from school for being transphobic!

School staff are meant to issue an education to children, not indoctrination.

Parents have been contacting Binary for years expressing their concerns and horror stories. No doubt, many of you in this room will have similar stories.

Activists within many Australian schools have been grooming children into gender ideology behind their parent’s backs for years now.

Staff who are not trained in psychology or medicine have been “socially” transitioning children by encouraging them to change names, dress in opposite sex uniforms and demand certain pronouns. This often leads to a division in families and usually the child progresses to other stages of transitioning.

Staff and parents have feared speaking out due to the aggressive nature of trans activists who threaten and bully opposition into silence. Despite the threats, some are starting to share their stories and are finally being heard.

The Australian reported recently that parents of 12-13 year old students from Northcote High School in Melbourne said the “wellbeing team” was pushing the ideology onto their children via secret emails:

“The wellbeing team have created a survey for students who would like to be known as a different name, gender or use different pronouns,” said the email, of which parents had no knowledge.

“If this is something you’ve been thinking about, or if you’re one of the many students we have already supported with gender affirmation, please click here.

“Please note that if you choose to fill this out, your information will be private and we will not out you! We would just like to organise a time to chat and help you navigate what happens next.”

That is evil. School staff, sanctioned by the state, should not be equipped or allowed to undermine parents like this!

One teacher noted it is always children who are struggling with other issues that are vulnerable to the activism, never children who are thriving:

“When another kid declares they are transitioning, it’s never a kid who is clearly thriving, who doesn’t have any other problems. Even teachers who believe in gender identity can now see it is just not good for kids, that the kids are not OK.”

This is the anecdotal evidence that Binary also receives and has been confirmed by several studies. Children who have autism, trauma, depression or other mental health issues are the most likely to seek to identify as something other than what they are.

When they come out at school they are celebrated! They don’t have to conform to the same uniform rules, they get special exemptions from class, they go from being outcasts to being popular and untouchable.

Underlying issues are not addressed, in fact often they are ignored for the sake of gender ideology.

The mother of a girl who identifies as Jack, said when entering high school all the kids were talking about gender and watching a lot of videos on social media about transitioning. The fact Jack was only 12 years old, autistic and experiencing fear of puberty was not considered.

Jack said, “I was sold this lie that if I became a medical patient for life, I’ll be happy.”

I think from the get go if I had been given help for the underlying issues, like the causes of my dysphoria, the things that were really behind it, if they didn’t let it get this bad, if I was basically taught not to hate myself, I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Other parents spoke about their daughters who feared and despised the onset of puberty. The girls have gone on to take puberty blockers and cross sex hormones but are now overweight, depressed and alienated from family and friends.

One parent asked, “Are we talking about gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia?” She emphasised the erasure of biological sex in favour of gender ideology.

Another parent wrote to her daughter’s school telling them they were undermining the parent’s efforts to support their own child. Several girls from the school had also recently begun identifying as the opposite sex.

“The gender affirmation you may believe is a positive step is not helping our child resolve what is actually happening and it is undermining our effort to assist her in critically evaluating her rapid onset of gender dysphoria.”

This is becoming an increasingly disturbing issue in Australian schools. Activist staff are pitted against concerned parents, with children suffering in the process.

Convincing a child their problems will disappear if they appropriate stereotypes of the opposite sex is an outright lie. No one can change sex. The children who suffer with their identity have other underlying issues that must be explored and resolved. Pretending to be something they are not compounds the problems, it does not resolve them.

A 14-year-old girl told her parents she wanted to be a boy. They said ok, can we talk about it and seek some help from a counsellor? No fights, no yelling, no outright opposition. But within weeks the parents answered a knock at the door one evening and it was the police. Their daughter called them to say her parents were abusing her, they were not, and she needed to be removed from the home. She had her bags packed and left with the police. They have not seen her for years. They were not abusive, she was groomed online as to what to say and how to get the police to come so she could follow her feelings.

This isn’t a one off. Another family has said a guidance officer instructed their child to lie so they could pursue a pathway to transition. The child was told to make the false allegation that they were unsafe at home because her parents did not want to “affirm” her new identity.

The child’s mother said, “It is telling anxious kids that their mother and father are not safe because they will not affirm (their new identity), they’re being exploited by these school counsellors.”

The Queensland Education Department confirmed that while parental consent is required, school staff can deem a child a ‘mature minor’ if they feel it is warranted.

The father of another girl told The Courier Mail that staff at his child’s school had set up a new name and identity for his daughter without his knowledge or consent.

He said, “They were going to put it in place without telling me initially, just a flick of the switch. There was no communication and no support plan. I felt the school took over that parental role.”

It is terrifying as a parent that the government can get away with such dangerous overreach. School staff are not medically trained professionals. They cannot assess or diagnose the myriad of underlying issues that often accompany gender confusion. They cannot diagnose or treat autism, depression, trauma, abuse or other mental health issues.

School staff should not take the place of parents. It is dangerous for the welfare of the child to isolate them from family support. Activists within the education system must be brought into line instead of being empowered by weak and dangerous policies that allow them to make false claims or designate a child a ‘mature minor’.

Children cannot go on excursions with school without a permission slip. Many are not allowed to cross the road without a lollipop man or lady. If a child wants to change a subject in their senior year, there are significant protocols to make sure it is the right decision and three or four signatures are required. But if they want to change their name or pronoun, it is a case of speaking to the guidance officer.

I am sure you have all seen atrocious sexualised books on offer to children and teens. Some are subtle, an increasing number are explicit. The furore recently over the book Welcome to Sex contained extremely graphic images of oral and anal sex, rimming, scissoring and sexting.

The authors and supporters claimed it was a sex ed book. Rubbish. It was a porn filled book that  failed to educate children about the dangers of sexual practices. It failed to acknowledge the extreme harm to girls who engage in anal sex and the illegal nature of sending nude pictures of minors online.

Do we need to graphically illustrate rape to protect children from rape? Of course not!

Do we need to graphically illustrate oral sex, anal sex and other practices to teach our children what is and what is not appropriate, or legal, for children to engage in? Of course not!

Yet anyone who speaks out is branded a bigot, a transphobe or a hater.

I say pushback anyway. I love this example from South Australian mother-of-three Angela Rojas. She addressed her local council regarding the availability of sexualised content available to children in public libraries.

The books are so graphic that she was unable to display the images during the meeting as it was being live streamed.

Think about that for a moment.

The images are too graphic for the City of Playford to livestream, but not too graphic to be displayed in the children’s section of public libraries!

Sky News also refused to show the images from Let’s Talk About It by Erica Moen and Matthew Nolan because it is so explicit.

Florida has categorised this book as pornographic, but here in Australia it is freely available to young people at rate-payers’ expense.

You can consider doing the same in your local area.

Freely available pornographic content is akin to grooming children.

It is an attempt to normalise sex for children and includes the promotion of gender ideology.

Children should not be exposed to such graphic content.

The push for children to be exposed to, and consent to sexual orientations and identities is harmful and damaging. I am aware many people argue that children see porn online anyway. And that is a huge problem! It is pornography that leads to the lies that people can change sex. It feeds the fetishes of males who are aroused by the idea of themselves as women. It is called autogynephilia.

Pornography feeds sexual addictions. An increasingly perverse and amount of content is required to satisfy the addiction. This leads to transgender porn or worse, child pornography. If you haven’t yet seen the film Sound of Freedom I can’t recommend it highly enough. Go and see it this weekend.

Children, in fact anyone, was never designed to watch other people engage in sexual activities. Sex is an expression of love between a husband and wife, it is not meant to be consumed as entertainment. Our porn addled culture is now so over the top that fetishes are being normalised and children are being rebranded as mature minors!

It is infuriating very few politicians have an appetite to protect our young ones so we must stand up, speak out and insist our objections are heard.

Drag Queens are not for kids. Yet ratepayer funded libraries are insisting on hosting these adult entertainers in the name of tolerance and inclusion. Drag queens use hypersexualised caricatures of women. It is a mockery of women and sex. Yet some local council libraries have got it in their heads that exposing children to adult entertainers is a good idea.

Is it tolerant and inclusive though?

If ratepayer funded libraries wanted us to take their diversity and inclusivity claims seriously, don’t you think they would be hosting a few more ‘diverse’ story times?

Like grandma’s and grandpa’s story hour.

Or person-in-a-wheelchair story hour.

Or cerebral palsy story hour.

Or tradie story hour.

Or police story hour.

Or women of colour story hour.

Or – God-forbid – Christian Story Hour.

But no, the only message these libraries want to send to little children about diversity, inclusion and tolerance is adult men making a mockery of female stereotypes. Some may not act sexually in front of children, but the whole point of drag is to sexualise fetishes and women.

The real, and very disturbing question that must be asked however, is why do grown men who mock womanhood want to expose this to little children?

Finally I think we need to address the concerning issue of desisters and detransitioners.

You see, true sex education, true information for children must include the horror stories of what children have gone through who have been lied to about changing sex.

Detransitioner Chloe Cole gave evidence before a Senate committee recently in the US, recounting her personal story about the damaging treatments that have destroyed her life.

Chloe bravely spoke about being a victim of one of the greatest medical scandals in history. She is calling on lawmakers to bring the scandal to an end and save others from the trauma she has endured.

“At the age of 12 I began to experience what her medical team would later diagnose as gender dysphoria,” she said.

“I was well into an early puberty and I was very uncomfortable with the changes that were happening to my body. I was intimidated by male attention and when I told my parents I felt like a boy, in retrospect, all I meant was that I hated puberty, that I wanted this newfound sexual tension to go away.”

Chloe explained that she looked up to her brothers more than her sisters and that she “came out” as transgender in a letter she left on their dining room table. Her parents immediately sought medical help which Chloe said led her family down a path of ‘deceit and coercion.’

Chloe described the moment they became victims of “gender affirming care” when a specialist falsely argued that it was necessary to start puberty blockers if they wanted a living son instead of having a dead daughter.

This was said even though Chloe was not suicidal.

At only 13-years-old she was on puberty blockers, then testosterone, that resulted in menopause type symptoms including hot flashes and weird joint pains.

My voice will be forever deeper. My jawline sharper. My nose longer. My bone structure permanently masculinised. My Adam’s apple more prominent. My fertility unknown. I look in the mirror sometimes, and I feel like a monster.

I had a double mastectomy at 15. They tested my amputated breasts for cancer. Now it’s cancer free of course, I was perfectly healthy. There was nothing wrong with my perfectly healthy body, or my breasts, other than that, as an insecure teenage girl, I felt awkward about it.

After my breasts were taken away the tissue was incinerated. Before I was even able to legally drive, I had a huge part of my future womanhood taken from me. I will never be able to breastfeed.

Chloe described how difficult it is to look at her scars. She explains that her nipples are still weeping fluid to this day. Her underlying issues were not addressed, and she only vaguely resembled a boy. No amount of medical intervention could change the fact that she was and is female.

Chloe’s message is that lying to children will not help them. Compassion, love and therapy is required, not drugs and surgery. She emphasised that puberty is not optional, it is “a right of passage to adulthood, not a disease to be mitigated.”

I read about gender ideology almost everyday (I make sure I have at least one full day off a week). I am contacted by parents who share heartbreaking stories. I hear from employees who are threatened and vilified at work for wanting women and children to be safe and protected.

Not a lot shocks me anymore. But all of it saddens me, deeply. And sometimes, I feel extremely stressed.

I also feel greatly encouraged. The tide is beginning to turn. Binary will be publishing a book of Australian stories early next year. Parents are sharing their heart wrenching journeys with us in an attempt to educate others and alleviate some of the pain that is being endured. If you have a story to tell or can donate toward the cost of production that would be greatly appreciated.

As I said at the start, and will say until the day I die, sex is not for kids.

It is alarming and disturbing that so many people on social media, in schools and libraries and even in government itself, are unapologetically championing this content for children, willing to sacrifice children on the altar of sex to justify their own desires.

Sexualising children is never ok. Leave our kids alone. It is important to safeguard children by informing them of the harms involved in engaging in sexual practices before adulthood, and warning them about the reality of pornography, rape, assault, abuse. It is never okay to present sex to children as enticing for them at that stage of life.

Sex is not for children. It is for consenting adults only. For anyone to say otherwise is horrifying. This push for children to consent to ‘changing’ sex or engage in sex is dangerous and disturbing.

Sexual orientations are not for kids. Sexual identities are not for kids. Sex is not for kids!