Watch: Gender ideology relies on lies

Watch Kirralie Smith address a meeting of the Civilisationists in Perth.

Gender Ideology Relies on Lies


Lying is unkind, cruel and can lead to irreversible harm.

Gender ideology denies science, rejects biological reality and relies on deception to advance its agenda.

No one can change their sex. Not one human has ever transitioned from male to female.

Not one “sex change” surgery has ever resulted in a person changing their sex. It has a 100% failure rate. Males without their penises are still male. Females who have double mastectomies and grow facial hair are still female.

Sure, men can appropriate a whole lot of stereotypes to appear to look like women, but they do not become women.

Females can take drugs and appear masculine but they don’t actually become male.

The transgender industry lies and deceives people into a false, fantasy world that rarely satisfies the individual.

Most females who determine to appear as male have underlying issues such as autism, trauma, body dysmorphia or eating disorders. There is a social contagion raging through our schools as we speak.

Girls are especially vulnerable.

Entire groups of girls in some schools are transitioning.

Girls who do not conform to Barbie stereotypes believe the lie they were born in the wrong body. Girls who have seen the violent porn that too many teenage boys are consuming are terrified and choose to identify as male to avoid being forced into demeaning, violent and perverse sexual encounters.

Girls who have experience trauma, abuse or rape believe if they present as male that will never happen to them again. It is all based on a lie.

Girls who are shy, not popular, quirky or tom boys are being convinced that if they appropriate male stereotypes they will be more accepted or even celebrated.

I can’t tell you how many parents have said to me their child was awkward and didn’t fit in at school, until they announced they were trans or gender fluid. Then the school gave them special privileges, allowed them to come out of uniform, excused bad behaviour for fear of being called bigots or transphobes, they have special days like wear it purple and special assemblies and special classrooms where they can ‘shelter’ if they feel unsafe. Privileges that are abused and misused and then accusations thrown against staff or students who call it out.

Staff and students who are compelled to go along with the lie. Yet the fact remains, no-one can change their sex. Feelings are real and valid, but if we were truly about being kind we would come alongside these children and help them to embrace reality and accept themselves as they are.

Instead of reinforcing stereotypes by giving children drugs we should be encouraging them to express themselves creatively, be gender non-conforming, and live their best life without medical interventions.

Puberty is not a disease! It is a necessary part of human development that every person must go through to reach maturity. Stunting, pausing or interfering with the natural process cause untold problems.

It is extremely common for girls to be distressed with body changes, menstruation and emotions that seem out of control. It is far from kind to such girls to lie to them and suggest if they take puberty blockers their problems will be solved. They will not!

If they persist down that pathway they will end up risking infertility, atrophied wombs, high cholesterol, brain and bone development issues. Many of which can never be reversed. Lying to these children is unkind and cruel. We need to help them, equip them and encourage them to embrace the natural process.

Up to 90% of children who suffer from gender dysphoria will desist once they have gone through puberty if they are not interfered with. Yet state governments like Victoria, the ACT and Queensland have all legislated that watchful waiting is akin to conversion therapy and children must be offered affirmation pathways. NSW, Tasmania and WA are all heading in the same direction.

The only true conversion therapy going on is by captured politicians and medical practitioners who attempt, and fail, to transition a child from one sex to another!

Males who claim to be female also have underlying issues. Again autism, trauma or depression are often factors that in our current environment are being overlooked in favour of so-called “affirmation therapies.” It is a complete misnomer – the only affirmation going on is affirming lies and denying truth.

Many of the males who insist on taking female identities have been captured by pornography. Sex is not a spectator sport! We were not designed to watch others engage in sex, we have been designed to express love in the context of relationship through sex. It is a fruit of a healthy relationship, not a  substitute for relationship.

Yet children are now exposed to pornography in bucket loads. The chemical response, especially for males who consume porn requires increasing exposure for satisfaction.

Too many males who are buying and selling the lie they are now women, consume pornography and go on to appropriate hypersexualised stereotypes of the women that arouse them. It is called autogynephilia.

Dr Helen Joyce recently described it this way:

But the other group are straight men who have an unusual, whether you think of it as a sexual orientation or a sexual fetish will depend on how you think sex works. But what attracts them and excites them sexually is the idea of themselves as women. That’s their fantasy. It’s almost as if they’re in love with the woman version of themselves. And that’s where all these phrases like ‘I have a woman inside’ come from. It is on a spectrum with erotic crossdressing which is a common male sexual interest.

Lots of straight men do dress up as women and find it sexy. So some of these men become more and more and more bought into this fantasy to the extent that as they get older it becomes impossible or they think it’s impossible to live without acting out their fantasy.

They don’t want to just keep the fantasy woman to their bedroom or they are going away on cross dressing weekends with other men or whatever it is or sharing pictures on some crossdressing website.   

And now of course, they can go and say I am really a woman.

What is so unusual and destructive about this sexual desire and urge is that it requires everyone else to play along. That’s part of the fantasy. And that’s not true of sexual desires in general.

If you are a man who’s deepest sexual desire is that he is really a woman, then that man requires everybody, specifically women, to agree with him. And he doesn’t just want to cross dress, he wants to come into women’s only spaces because he wants to be in the place where his womanhood is validated. So that doesn’t just mean that he wants to use the women’s toilets and the women’s changing rooms and so on, because that’s convenient, it means he wants to use them for validation. He goes into them specifically.

They do all these things only women can do because that is what they get off on.

And any woman who says sorry mate, you’re a man, not welcome, she’s striking a blow at the heart of his own self image and his erotic fantasy as well.

It is extremely offensive to women and often dangerous for women.

Have you noticed how many violent, male sex offenders are suddenly claiming to be women once they are caught and charged? There are male prisoners being housed in female prisons here in Australia. How safe do you think that is for women?

There are countless images and stories all over the internet about males being aroused by accessing female spaces such as changerooms and bathrooms.

It is disturbing and unsafe for us all.

Human rights commissions and ant-discrimination acts have Australians running scared and succumbing to lies for fear of being penalised.

In 2013, Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister, removed all protections for sex from the Sex Discrimination Act. Now the only protections are for those who appropriate stereotypes of the opposite sex!

Tribunals and courts are increasingly having to deal with frivolous complaints about misgendering and alleged vilification. Truth speak has been rebranded hate speech and calling out males in female spaces has resulted in several people being penalised.

There’s an increasing number of males signing up in female sporting divisions all encouraged and protected by the Australian Sports Commission. A couple of years ago they issued transgender guidelines that most major sporting bodies adopted.

Netball, cricket, swimming, athletics, soccer, hockey, tennis and more all protect males who insist on joining in the female divisions.

Why do we have male and female divisions in the first place?

To accept a male as a woman makes a mockery of womanhood. It negates any need what-so-ever to have separate male and female categories if anyone can be whatever they feel like.

Regardless of name-changes or the amount of drugs or surgery a male has, he will always be male. Even lowering testosterone does not change the advantages of bone density, skeletal advantages, heart and lung capacity, blood volume and fast twitch muscle fibres. No male can transition to female – it is scientifically impossible. Those who promote the lie are harming women and girls. 

Women and girls are so much more than a feeling or a costume or a drug. And we certainly are not the perversion of a man’s sexual fantasy.

There is not any reason what-so-ever for a male body to compete against female bodies, unless it is with the full consent and participation of women in mixed or open competitions.

Males can play in male competitions and use male changerooms. Failing that they can play in open or mixed competitions. That is fair and reasonable and safe for everyone.

Female categories must be for females only. For the sake of safety, dignity, privacy and respect girls and women deserve to have the option of playing sport with other females. We should never have to be confronted by males in our changerooms.

If people remain silent, or worse enable this lie that men can be women, it will be harmful and extremely detrimental to women’s sport.

It is very distressing that it is left up to women, to take up this fight. Shouldn’t the peak bodies, who are paid well, be responsible for protecting girls and women in sport? Too many women feel they will be ostracised if they speak out and raise their concerns.

Deborah Acason nee Lovely is one of Australia’s most accomplished athletes. As one of only two athletes in the entire Commonwealth she has participated in five consecutive Commonwealth Games winning gold in 2006, three silvers in 2002 and bronze in 2010. Deborah is a dual Olympian and competed in seven world events.

Debra was forced to compete against a male weightlifter, Gavin Laurel Hubbard, who claimed he was female.

When Hubbard was permitted to compete in the female category, all he had to do was change his name, his legal documents, not compete in the male division for 12 months and have testosterone levels below 10 n/moles per litre. Keep in mind the average female elite athlete has 0.8-1.3 n/moles of testosterone per litre. Seems fair doesn’t it?

The size of his hands, feet, reach, muscle fibres and many other advantages of being male were completely disregarded. He didn’t even begin to identify as female until he was 34-years-old and had already won titles in the male category.

Deborah notes the obvious disadvantage the female athletes have in Olympic competition – menstrual cycles, pregnancy and breastfeeding. These are factors male athletes never have to contend with.

A female Olympian loses one week a month, which is three months a year, which is one whole year every four years – an Olympic cycle – due to her menstrual cycle. During menstruation a female is at greater risk of injury and has a lowered capacity for strength. No male will ever have to endure that disadvantage.

I feel very passionately about women’s sport. I played sport until injuries got the better of me and one of my daughter’s is pursuing a career in sport. The whole issue hit close to home recently with a male in a local female team that I was associated with.

I am now facing two separate vilification complaints and two applications for AVO’s because I identified two male players in female competitions. There are many more but the sporting associations protect the males, rather than the females, they are meant to represent.

Other women are also being forced to engage in legal actions because of the lies perpetuated by gender ideology.

Dr Jillian Spencer has lodged a complaint with the Queensland Human Rights Commission over being stood down from the Queensland Children’s Hospital for questioning “affirmation-only” pathways for children. She has grave concerns about the irreversible nature of medical interventions for gender questioning children. She has been accused of being transphobic for raising legitimate concerns.

Sall Grover is fighting in the Federal Court to show that sex and gender identity are at odds. A male named Roxy Tickle demanded access to her female-only app and Sall said no. Rightly so! Sall is a passionate advocate for female only spaces and services.

Louise Elliot is a Hobart City Councillor who is facing legal action for stating men are not women and women deserve safe single sex spaces in bathrooms. She has been accused of ‘inciting hate’ – for wanting sex-based rights upheld – by the Tasmanian Equal Opportunity Commissioner. 

Moira Deeming, as we all know, was treated abominably by the Victorian Liberal Leader John Pesutto, for attending a Let Women Speak Rally. Anyone who takes the time to listen to Moira knows she is a reasonable, intelligent, compassionate woman who did nothing wrong.

Angie Jones is a Melbourne based mother. A self-described left-wing feminist who has been defamed by Victorian leaders for attending and helping organise the Let Women Speak rally. She has been harassed, doxed and intimidated for speaking out, especially in defence of marginalised women. 

Jasmine Sussex is a breastfeeding expert who was not only sacked for stating the plain truth that males cannot breastfeed, she was also pursued by the eSafety Commissioner for posting the facts on social media.

Katherine Deves was treated appallingly by the media when she ran in the federal election and is constantly trolled and harassed for her fierce defence of women’s sex-based rights.

Assoc. Prof. Holly Lawford-Smith has endured targeted harassment at Melbourne University for her left-wing feminist view that men cannot be women. This is clearly not a left or right wing belief, it is reality. 

How many more men and women are silenced because they fear being penalised? How many more know if they speak up they could lose their jobs, their reputations, even their children. All for the sake of a lie?

Activists shout and scream that “Trans rights are human rights.” What rights exactly don’t they have? What about women’s rights? What about parental rights?

Everyone has human rights.

Trans rights should in no way trump anyone else’s rights. Men should not be permitted access to female spaces just because they feel like it. Women deserve safe spaces because they are female. That’s it.

Language is so important. It is why activists are working so hard to erase the words women, mother, breastfeeding and correct pronouns. They want us to lie and call men she, or women he. They want us to lie and use phrases like pregnant man or her penis.

Newspapers already print nonsense like this. The courts are entertaining the same nonsense with judges writing decisions using ridiculous terminology. How can we trust the media and the courts when they blatantly lie to our faces?

So what can we do?

The most important thing we can all do is be truthful!

The truth is powerful and the truth sets men free.

If you have someone in your circle who is confused about their identity by all means be kind and compassionate and loving. But please understand that lying to someone, affirming a lie, engaging in deception, is not kind or loving, it is cruel.

Be truthful on social media and in your networks. Speak the truth the politicians, to the media and to anyone who will listen. No need to get caught up in endless arguments. The Binary website has campaigns you can join, fact sheets you can download and information you can use to arm yourself to help raise awareness about these serious issues.

No one can change their sex. No one ever has or ever will.

Don’t buy the lie, don’t repeat the lie. Be truthful, even though there is a cost. Be mindful that lying will cost a whole lot more in the long room and it will be children who have to pay the greatest price.