WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Violent activists refuse to let women speak

Aggressive trans activists have shouted threats and performed lewd acts, disrupting a “Let Women Speak” event in New York City.

The clashes unfolded at City Hall Park, near City Hall in Manhattan, the New York Police Department told Fox News Digital. A police spokesperson said nine people were arrested and would most likely be given a summons and released.

Kellie-Jay Keen, a British women’s rights campaigner, is in the US on a special tour. The events are designed to allow women to share testimony and thoughts about sex-based rights and realities.

Activists who insist on appropriating stereotypes of the opposite sex label the events and speakers as “TERFs” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist). Mostly they are males demanding to be called women after donning a costume, make-up and taking some drugs.

In Monday's footage, the NYPD can be heard telling the demonstrators to disperse because they were blocking pedestrian traffic. Many appeared to ignore the order and some were seen confronting uniformed officers.

"TERFS go home!" the demonstrators were heard chanting.

One person was seen ringing a bell right next to the ear of a police officer and in the face of others.

Casil McArthur, a female model appropriating manhood, screamed insults and abuse while standing alongside Amara Velasquez, a male model appropriating womanhood. They screamed “Nazi scum” and “I’m going to f*** you up” to women who simply wanted to discuss female sex-based rights.

In a video posted to Twitter Velasquez is also seen screaming, “I’m gonna beat your a** B***h” while he fondles himself. 

(Casil Macarthur on the right, Amara Velasquez on the left)

Other topless males fondled themselves and shouted abuse, demanding to have access to female-only spaces and services, shouting: “Terfs go home.”

The “Let Women Speak” organiser couldn’t even get to the event because of the counterprotest. The NYPD refused to escort or protect her.

"My event is going on without me," she said. "I think this is indicative of the United States in 2022 and how they feel about women speaking."

Keen cancelled a stop in Portland, Oregon, due to threats.

"I've been told by both locals in both Seattle and Portland that Antifa has killed people and kind of gotten away with it," she said. "I've also gotten communication from the police that basically says ‘You’re not permitted to have an event.'"

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the trans activists are showing their true colours.

“These violent, aggressive activists are not doing anything to help their cause,” she said.

“They refuse to let women speak about their experiences, fears and hopes.

“They shout threats and intimidate but refuse to engage in civil or reasonable behaviour.

“This is exactly why such events must continue.

“It highlights the aggressive and violent nature of what women face in light of trans activism. It is unacceptable and revolting.”