Violent threats and acts by trans identified males

Violent male identified trans people are calling for and carrying out violence toward women. The repercussions seem hardly a deterrent.

In February a male trans identified person violently attacked a female on the streets of Melbourne.

Sarah Cadzow, a male who identifies as a “woman,” was finally sentenced for the assault of Ruby (not her real name) last week.

Cadzow was sentenced to a 5-month good behavior bond and was ordered to pay $750 AUD (approx. $500 USD) to an Aboriginal family violence charity. In Australia, a good behavior bond refers to a non-custodial sentence primarily requiring the offender to stay in “good behavior” during the time specified.

Ruby, the victim, feels he effectively “got away with it.”

“His lawyer made up facts in court, moving the location and alleging that my assailant had been ‘viciously misgendered’ and ‘taunted till (he) couldn’t take it anymore,” Ruby explains. “Cadzow wrote a bull**** ‘apology’ that I never saw, and complained of having suffered terribly because the truth about his male violence was told on social media.”

Disturbingly, the defense also rejected the reality of the extent of Ruby’s injuries. 

As previously reported by Reduxx, Ruby revealed that the injury had resulted in long-term disability in the arm where her shoulder had been shattered. She explained that a doctor had told her “your ability to lift that arm above your head ended when you hit the ground.”

Cadzow was found to have “recklessly caused injury” to Ruby but was handed the sentence without conviction, meaning he will not have a criminal record associated with the assault.

Violent actions and attitudes expressed by trans identified males is not uncommon. There have been plenty of examples on social media of people wearing t-shirts or holding signs that say, “kill terfs” or with images of knives and blood with the word terf.

Over the weekend a radical trans activist called on a crowd to punch terfs in the face. The crowd responded with a cheer!

Sarah Jane Baker has served 30 years in prison for attempted murder.  Attending a pride rally he took the microphone and told the cheering crowd: “I was gonna come here and be really fluffy and be really nice and say yeah be really lovely and queer and gay... Nah, if you see a TERF, punch them in the f****** face.”

So far, his incitement to violence has not attracted any police attention.