Violent paedophile plays the transgender card

It’s undeniable, violent male criminals are taking advantage of self-identification laws.

Adam Laboucan, Canada's youngest violent sex offender criminally convicted at just 17-years-old after raping a three-month-old in 1999, has been allowed to move to a female prison with a mother and baby unit.

Men playing the transgender card are making a mockery of the law and women’s sex-based rights and protections to access  women’s sport, women’s services and women’s spaces in unprecedented numbers, and this is just another disgusting example.

A violent Canadian pedophile who brutally raped a three-month-old infant while a teenager was moved to a mother-and-baby ward after transitioning to a woman in prison.

Adam Laboucan, who in 1999 became Canada's the youngest convicted criminally violent sex offender at just 17-years-old, began identifying as a woman named Tara Desousa and boasted of receiving gender-transitioning surgery around 2018. 

Sometime after the transition, Laboucan was granted permission to move to a women's ward at the Fraser Valley Institution, where he was housed in a cell bordering a unit where incarcerated mothers are allowed to live with their children up to seven-years-old. 

Inmates have reported Laboucan frequently menaces the mothers by making suggestive comments and staring at their children, and has even showed up to prison events where children were present, according to Reduxx. 

Laboucan's crime was considered so violent, and his ensuing behavior while incarcerated so unpredictable, he was handed a rare prison sentence with no determinate length. During his trial, he also confessed to drowning a three-year-old boy when he was just 11.

It has been reported that while in prison he 'flung another inmate by her hair, then kicked her in the face.’

'I am a transgender woman and I was born a man but now after surgery I became a full woman,' he wrote on this profile, 'I have a vagina, not a penis, and also have 720ccs DD gel implants.'

He has been denied parole numerous times because of 'bizarre sexual behavior including 'gender identity, impulsive behaviour, violence and sexual deviance.”

Laboucan also exhibited violence in and sexual deviance in jail. The parole board noted he had been found serving as a prostitute to other inmates, taking drugs was caught with a homemade knife, stabbed a fellow inmate, and threatened to murder a female prison guard.

Binary Spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said no male criminal should ever be housed with women.

“This is an appalling account of what happens when law-makers pander to transgender ideology,” she said.

“No one can change their sex. A man cannot become a woman.

“To affirm this violent male criminal’s fantasy to be a woman is dangerous and disgraceful.

“Women deserve sex-based rights and protections.”