Violent male criminal targets vulnerable female inmate

British police and courts appear to be completely captivated by trans ideology. 

A police press release titled, ‘Woman convicted of historic offences against children in Sussex’ has received a massive backlash from the community as it was revealed the offender is in fact male. The crimes were extensive and violent.

John Stephen Dixon committed 30 sexual assaults and was jailed for 20 years. He now claims to be a woman and goes by the name Sally Ann Dixon.

Throughout the four-week trial, the prosecutor referred to Dixon by the male pronoun when alluding to the sex offences — without any objection from the defence. However, when Dixon was found guilty, she was sentenced as a woman and sent to a female prison.

Dixon does not possess a Gender Recognition Certificate, yet is being housed with 500 female inmates at a women's prison and police refer to him as ‘her’.

It brought a sharp rebuke from Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who bluntly told the force that it should stop ‘playing identity politics and denying biology’.

In less than three months Dixon began a sexual relationship with a fellow inmate who has  ‘learning difficulties’ and mental health issues. He was consequently moved to another wing but not removed from the prison. 

‘The prisoner was vulnerable so we managed to get Dixon moved,’ said the source.

Given her catalogue of crimes, we might think she would wish to lie low. Not so, says our informant. ‘Dixon was very outspoken about being transgender. There were a few instances when it was reported she had made inappropriate comments to some of the female prisoners, and possibly staff.

‘The comments were sexual stuff, flirtatious stuff. Once Dixon was allowed to associate with everyone else, it was very hard to keep an eye on her. She was told she wasn’t allowed to go into people’s rooms, but once they are unlocked we don’t have the staff to follow her around constantly.’

Transgender prisoners represent just 0.2 per cent of inmates in the UK. The privileges they enjoy for appropriating the opposite sex are incredible. 

Prison staff must communicate with them in ways that respect their gender, they are entitled to shower alone, have separate cells, and choose their own clothing. Privileges that would have been denied to John Stephen Dixon, and which Sally Ann Dixon is doubtless eager to exploit.

‘Staff do not like it. The ones that come [trans prisoners] have a history of sexually abusing others, or they come with male genitalia. We just don’t have the capacity to ensure the safety of the women.’

Police made matters much worse when responding to the outrage on Twitter. They wrote, 

‘Hi, Sussex Police do not tolerate any hateful comments towards their gender identity [sic] regardless of crimes committed. This is irrelevant to the crime that has been committed and investigated.’ 

The Home Secretary intervened, urging the police to ‘focus on catching criminals not policing pronouns.’ The tweet has since been deleted.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said biology matters and must be respected.

“The victims of these sexual assaults know all too well Dixon is male,” she said.

“It is his biological reality that has caused just deep trauma for the victims. Pretending he is a ‘she’ is insulting and adds to the trauma.

“Female inmates are already vulnerable and should not be exposed to a violent male criminal in prison.

“It is dangerous and inappropriate.

“The UK police need to stop defending violent and confused males for the sake of ‘inclusion.’ It is time for a reality check. Biology matters and no amount of appropriation can change the facts.”