Vilification complaint hearing for referring to a male as ‘male’

Since March 2023 I have faced court case after court case for stating the truth that males do not belong in women’s sport. So far, I have been successful 6 out of 6 times.

This week my lawyers will be appearing in court for a hearing of a notice of motion for another vilification complaint. You may remember that the first attempt by this applicant failed after he tried to have the case heard by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The NSW Attorney-General intervened and the case was dismissed as it was not under federal jurisdiction. 

The applicant has since filed in another court in Sydney and there will be a directions hearing this Wednesday.

There is not a court in this entire world that could convince me a male can be female.

There is no threat or punishment that will cause me to deny the truth.

Males can appropriate female stereotypical feelings or appearances, but it does not make them female. They can identify however they like but they can’t force me to accept the lie that they are now female.

I will not reject reality. I will not deny science. I will not ignore biology.

I will defend myself and the right of every woman and girl to advocate for sex-based rights, spaces, services and sport.