Victorian politicians speak against gender ideology

Liberal MP Bev MacArthur has continued her advocacy of female sex-based rights as well as the primacy of sex over gender identity. She continues to take her role as an elected parliamentarian seriously and speaks to these issues with intelligence and compassion.

Sex is a biological fact.   

In changes to the UK’s National Health Service constitution women will regain the right to choose female-only wards and to request a doctor of their sex for intimate care. These changes will protect biological women for the first time. This is a historic victory for women, sex-based rights and common sense.  

Watch Bev MacArthur here

Libertarian David Limbrick also continues to advocate for vulnerable youth who cannot consent to catastrophic and harmful treatments in the name of gender identity.

We need to tell these kids the truth, that there is no good evidence that gender treatments will fix their mental health, that they are probably in this situation because they are neurodiverse, and their neurodiversity will not change by taking pills or changing their bodies. The best cure for gender dysphoria is puberty.”

Watch David Limbrick here.