Victorian Liberals seek to expel Moira Deeming again

The Victorian Liberals, led by John Pesutto, are digging an even deeper hole for themselves by threatening, again, to expel Moira Deeming. 

Matthew Guy, Ames Newbury, Cindy McLeish, Roma Britnell and Wayne Farnham support the Opposition Leader in opposing letting women speak. They are furious that Deeming has the courage of conviction to defend safeguarding for women and children. They are insistent that she must be silenced and removed from their ranks. 

"Today I received a notice of motion from five Liberal Party MPs seeking the expulsion of Moira Deeming at a party room meeting that will be held next Friday, May 12," Mr Pesutto said.

"I remain firmly committed to leading a disciplined, united and inclusive Liberal Party that will continue to take the fight up to the tired, corrupt and incompetent Andrews government.

"Our focus is on Victorian families and small businesses who face a horror state budget with higher taxes and cuts to key services and infrastructure projects."

Already unjustly suspended for nine months, Deeming has been defamed and smeared as a Nazi sympathizer. She has done nothing wrong in consistently championing women’s sex-based rights. 

The Liberal party members supporting the expulsion are an embarrassment and ought to be deeply ashamed of themselves. 

If any of them actually took the time to listen to what the women said at the rally, and what Deeming herself has been saying for years, they would have to apologise.

Moira is an articulate and passionate spokeswoman for women and children. She is reasonable, logical, factual and compassionate in all of her dealings both publicly and privately. 

The five MPs along with Pesutto lack integrity in their pursuit of a woman who did nothing wrong.