US Navy tells soldiers how to use pronouns

The US Navy has released a childish video attempting to instruct adults how to use pronouns.

The virtue signalling instructional video looks like a pre-school set with hosts who condescendingly tell sailors how they should use compelled speech in a woke attempt to be inclusive.

"Hi! My name is Jony, and I use he/him pronouns," Naval Undersea Warfare Center engineer Jony Rozon, who sports a rainbow-colored t-shirt, states in the video's opening. 

The official training video is meant to emphasize "the importance of using correct pronouns as well as polite etiquette when you may not be sure of someone's pronouns," according to the Navy, which late last month published the video online. The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service touts the video as an "official U.S. Navy video" posted by Air Force staff sergeant John Vannucci.

Gender ideology training is mandated for US servicemen and women as a result of the Biden administrations push to impose transgender theory on all.

The nearly four-minute Navy video emphasizes how members can create "a safe space" for their colleagues by using "inclusive language" that signals they are "allies" who "accept everybody." Service members must take these steps to ensure they do not "misgender someone." The Navy also warns staff against pressuring an individual to disclose his or her gender pronouns, saying that colleagues may still be in "the process of discovery" and not yet ready to provide this information.

"A pronoun is how we identify ourselves apart from our name, and it's also how people refer to us in conversations," notes engineer Conchy Vasquez, who hosts the video along with Rozon.

"Using the right pronouns is a really simple way to affirm someone's identity. It is a signal of acceptance and respect," adds Rozon.

The video is full of virtue signalling suggestions and even describes what to do if someone is ‘misgendered.’

"I think the first thing to recognize is that it's not the end of the world. You correct yourself and move on, or you accept the correction and move on," Vasquez says. "The most important thing I can tell you is do not put the burden of making you feel good about your mistake on the person that you just misgendered."

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the video was full of nonsense.

“At first glance this video appears as a parody or joke, but it is not,” she said.

“The Play School style skit is for real. The Navy seriously wants their soldiers to behave this way. The hosts insist everyone denies reality to endorse the fantasy of a minority group.”

Smith went on to ask, “How can people put their confidence in the Navy to protect them from real enemies when they so easily succumb to activists on their own soil? Behaving like children is no way to inspire confidence in what was once a defence force to be reckoned with.”