Up to 2 years in prison for misgendering

A return to common sense, evidence-based reality and truth appears to still be a long way off.

The Labour Party in the UK is vowing to make ‘misgendering’ a crime, punishable up to 2 years in prison. It would fall under the category of “aggravated offences” equal to assault and harassment:

Critics warn that the policy could therefore mean jail sentences for someone refusing to use a transgender person's preferred pronouns, or referring to them by their former name or their birth sex rather than their chosen gender.

Last night, a senior Tory source said: 'Some police forces have shown themselves overzealous in the pursuit of supposed hate crimes and this reform would send them a signal to go even further.

'We've seen people arrested for misgendering but this isn't enough for Labour – they want them locked up for two years.'

Women’s rights are being actively eroded in the name of gender identity ideology. 

Biological sex is evidence-based and has real world implications, especially for vulnerable women. Meanwhile trans activists ignore or deny these realities for the sake of hurt feelings.

It is a lie to claim a person can change sex. It is a lie to claim a man can be a woman. It is a lie that wearing a costume, taking drugs or having surgery can replace the reality of a person’s DNA and reproductive system.

Already in the UK people have been arrested for refusing to bow their knee to the lies:

Last year a Christian preacher was convicted of harassing a transgender woman by calling her a 'man' and a 'gentleman'. David McConnell was given a 12-month community order for leaving Farrah Munir 'emotionally distraught' after an argument between the two while he was preaching on a street in Leeds.

His conviction was quashed after magistrates ruled there was no evidence he intended to harass her.

In another case, Kate Scottow –who describes herself as a 'radical feminist' – was arrested in front of her children and later convicted of malicious communications for a string of messages directed at a transgender activist on Twitter, including referring to the activist as a man and a 'pig in a wig'.

Again, her conviction was overturned on appeal after judges ruled that it was 'a grossly disproportionate and entirely unjustified state interference with free speech'.

Author JK Rowling tweeted that she would spend two years in prison rather than submit to such laws.

I feel the same way.

NSW police issued an application for the apprehension of violence against me in March for identifying males in female sporting teams. After 6 months of court processes, enormous stress, and large legal fees, they withdrew the application at the last minute without apology or explanation.

Another application for a private AVO against me has been heard with a decision pending in December. 

There are also 2 ongoing ‘vilification’ complaints against me for calling male soccer players “male”.

It is not violence or harassment to conduct a public policy debate about males in female sport.

We cannot give in to these threats or lies. Men are not women. No one can change their sex. No one should ever be compelled to lie or deny reality for the sake of some people’s feelings.