UK political parties mocking womanhood

UK political parties are openly mocking womanhood and treating voters with contempt.

Men posing as women are being put forward as candidates and are insisting men are women if they feel like it. Labor, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens can hardly be taken seriously when the following are the choices they make to represent their parties.

Presenting as men in lipstick, heels and costumes, they expect to be taken seriously as prospective legislators. How can they be trusted to protect women if they don’t even know what a woman is? Even more so, how can they be trusted to make laws if they make such a blatant and shameless display of their mockery of women and promotion of lies?

Stereotypes don’t make a person a woman, biology does.

UK Labor Candidate Eddie Izzard, now self identifies as Suzy and demands access to women’s toilets despite having a fully male body. He is an actor by trade and no-one cares if he wants to act as a woman, as long as he doesn’t insist he is a woman.

Helen Belcher is a Liberal Democrats candidate. He appropriates female stereotypes and insists that makes him a woman. He also runs Trans Media Watch. Again, no one cares about a man in a dress, unless he wants us all to go along with the lie that that makes him a real woman. It doesn’t. He is simply a man in a dress.

The worst candidate so far is Greens candidate Melissa Poulton. He describes himself as a “proud lesbian” and accuses critics of “transphobia”. 

This man in a dress is allegedly into sissification porn.

Reduxx has now discovered a Pinterest account believed to belong to Poulton. Within his Pinterest board, populated when he still “identified” as male, Poulton had saved images related to sissification pornography, a genre which involves men being transformed into young women or even into little girls.

Several images saved by Poulton under a collection titled “AMAB” were sourced from sissification and forced feminization pornography blogs hosted on Tumblr.

He is another in a long list of Green’s members who appear to mock women and insist that the lie that a person can change their sex is true.

These political parties care little for facts or truth or reality. Yet they want to be elected to make the laws that govern nations. 

Voters beware and use your vote wisely. We have the power to elect or reject these kinds of candidates.