Transgender surgery does not change a person’s sex

The Daily Mail has posted an article with an animation demonstrating a “sex change” surgery.

How DO surgeons perform a sex change? Animation reveals every stage of how a man becomes a woman

The Daily Mail’s headline is a blatant lie.

A man with a butchered penis does not become a woman. He is simply a man with a butchered penis appropriating stereotypes and appearance of a woman.

The article features animation of the so-called sex change operation that turns a penis into something that resembles a vagina. The operation would be better called a genital mutilation surgery.

The animation, shared by the European Society of Urology, shows the steps medics follow to craft a vagina.

It details the entire complex procedure, including removing the penis and testicles to creating genitalia capable of an orgasm.

The number of people undergoing treatment to change their gender has increased dramatically over the past decade, according to the NHS.

Since the 2004 gender recognition act came into force, 4,910 trans people have been issued a Gender Recognition Certificate in the UK.

And nearly 9,000 transgender surgeries are performed every year in the US.

Other surgeries males have in their quest to imitate women include alterations to the jaw lines, nose and voice box, as well as fake breasts. All surgery includes risk, especially the genital area.

Because genitals are not a clean area, there is a risk of infection and delayed healing, according to Marc Pacifico, consultant plastic surgeon and member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

'You can get stenosis, tightening of the vagina. Many people undergoing the surgery will need dilaters to open it up.

'There's a risk of bleeding, or the skin — such as the new clitoris — dying.'

Horror stories of such outcomes are repeatedly shared on social media.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the claim men can become women is a lie.

“No amount of surgery can change the facts,” she said.

“Men can imitate women and take extreme measures such as surgery to try and fool others into thinking they are women.

“But at the end of the day their maleness is written into every single cell in their body. That cannot be changed.

“No man can become a woman and it is a lie to claim they can.”