Tickle v Giggle starts next week in the Federal Court

Tuesday 9th April will mark an important day in Australian history. It will be the first day of a landmark case that will determine whether sex or gender identity take precedence in law.

Sall Grover will be standing up for women’s sex-based rights, while Roxy Tickle will attempt to argue that males who appropriate female stereotypes should have access to our sex-based rights because they feel like it.

Curiously, no Australian mainstream media has covered this story in any depth. It appears that our media is either scared, disinterested or deliberately ignoring this case. The outcome of this case directly impacts half of our population, yet they are reporting nothing.

Sall Grover recently travelled to the United Kingdom to speak with media outlets there. See the links and videos below to hear what this bright and articulate champion for women had to say.

Sall explains to host Andrew Doyle that she has emailed journalists in Australia every day for a year but not one of these outlets will platform her. The ABC won’t even mention it from their pro-trans perspective as I suspect they know it won’t help their cause.

She also notes that the Sex Discrimination Commissioner has intervened and claims sex is not a biological concept, among other ridiculous things.

Sall has expressed her frustration, noting that the process is the punishment:

It is extremely frustrating, costly and quite frankly mind-boggling that women even need to go to court to state men cannot be women.

This is an important case we must all get behind.

Sall summed it up perfectly with a post on X, “At the end of the day, discrimination laws can be changed, definitions can be eliminated, hate speech laws can be introduced, and men will still not be women. There is literally nothing that can be done in reality to make them women. You’re gonna have to cope eventually, fellas.”