This school association voted to protect girls sport

The Georgia High School Association has unanimously voted to protect female sport.

Representing 463 schools, the governing body for sport opted to make biological sex the criteria for selecting which category students can participate in.

“We wanted to keep a level playing field,” GHSA executive director Dr. Robin Hines said.

Hines told Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston that there wasn’t a particular case that forced the high school sports governing body to make this ruling.

“It really hasn’t been an issue. It’s out of a concern of competitive imbalance, understanding there is biological differences,” Hines said.

The gender policy manager for Georgia Equality will seek federal intervention to overturn the decision.

Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said the decision was common sense and basic human decency.

“Girls deserve a safe and fair playing field, with dignity and privacy ensured at every level,” she said.

“Girls should never be forced to share a change room with males, regardless of the male’s ‘feelings’.

“Males who appropriate womanhood can only do so by superficial measures such as costumes and a daily drug dependency. A decision to protect women’s sport ought to be celebrated.”