This council doesn’t appear to value democracy

Hobart City Council are going to extreme lengths to silence a councillor who has been questioning its position on gender identity ideology.

Louise Elliot is a strong advocate for women’s sex-based rights, spaces and services, as well as stringent safeguarding for children. Some of her fellow councillors have tried to hinder her doing her job because they are staunch advocates for people appropriating opposite sex stereotypes and the medicalisation of children suffering gender identity confusion.

They have accused Louise of disrespectful behaviour and are appealing to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner to penalise her in the hope she might be silenced.

Councillors are democratically elected and should have every right to represent constituents and question council policy on their behalf. The constant bullying of councillor Elliot is unacceptable and undemocratic. If the other councillors are so sure of their position, why are they so afraid of debate and evidence-based information?

Here is Louise’s social media post on the latest development. She has included the letter written by Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds, which makes for fascinating reading: