The Victorian government’s epic fail on transgender ad

The Victorian Government has released an appalling advertisement aimed at gaslighting people into accepting the lie that men can be women.

The ad depicts several scenarios where trans identified people are either rejected or accepted in public settings. It is extremely sympathetic to individuals who wear costumes, take drugs or undergo surgery in an attempt to pass as the opposite sex. 

The ad is a huge fail as none of these people pass as the opposite sex at all. It also attempts to guilt women in particular into disregarding their own boundaries and feeling of safety in favour of men who appropriate female stereotypes. 

A section of the ad has had 8,000 views on YouTube and comments disabled after the government was heavily criticised for its misogynistic attempt to guilt women into accepting males as female. There is an obvious male wearing a female costume who gets into a lift that is occupied by a female. He stands very close to her and she clearly feels unsafe, so she exits the lift. The “unsaid says a lot” slogan that appears on screen has infuriated viewers.

Hundreds of comments were written before they disabled the function.

@jmcg5334 wrote, “If I am in an enclosed space with a man and I feel unsafe, I will leave. I don’t care what that man is wearing, I don’t care how me leaving makes him feel.” It has already had 625 likes.

@mxmmxmxx said, “‘Feeling safe’ is not the same thing as ‘feeling hurt’ or ‘feeling left out’. If a woman - or man - feels unsafe in a situation they have every right to remove themselves.”

@lolamoth8568 commented, “Women deserve to feel safe, too. The woman did not feel safe.”

@violetvicky1970 stated, ''Women! Ignore your instincts and prioritise men's feelings!'' Seriously?  We know you don't think we matter as much as men, but now you're coming right out and saying it, huh?”

@lizpietsch7921 wrote, “Huh - I thought we could "never tell"? I didn't have any trouble, and neither did she. Women should NEVER be guilted or gaslit into remaining in situations in which they feel unsafe.”

@soniaess28, asked, “Why are you pretending that a woman running from a man makes HIM unsafe?”

The Victorian government has not read the room on this one. Bullying and intimidating women into accepting males in their spaces, services or sport is not acceptable. 

Thankfully, many people are now finding their voice and objecting to this misogynistic gaslighting.