The truth about Autogynephilia

Megyn Kelly hosted Dr Helen Joyce on her show recently and discussed many aspects of gender ideology. During one fascinating segment Dr Joyce unpacked the truth about one reason males claim to be women. It is a sexual fetish referred to as autogynephilia.

Kelly read an excerpt from Dr Joyce’s writing that explains that autogynephilia often motivates the aggressive leaders of the trans movement.

Their anger results from envy of women and resentment and not being accepted by women as one of them. They direct their ire at women because it is women who frustrate their desires. Men are largely irrelevant. 

Your book spends a lot of time talking about this. Ray Blanchard, who is a sexologist who coined this terminology….as many as 82% of straight trans people, like men who claim they are women who are not gay, are in fact autogynephiles.

Joyce began her response stating that the motivation for males in female spaces is largely irrelevant. The simple fact is no male belongs in any female-only space. Understanding some of the motivations however can help us counter this aggressive movement.

Joyce explained that for males, there are two main motivations for them to claim they are women. The first is as little boys they presented with feminine characteristics and preferences but were not accepted by their family or friends. If left alone they would probably grow up to be a gay men. She indicated that instead of allowing them to flourish in their sexuality medical practitioners are “transing those kids now so we are taking away their futures from them.”

The other main motivation is autogynephilia.

But the other group are straight men who have an unusual, whether you think of it as a sexual orientation or a sexual fetish will depend on how you think sex works. But what attracts them and excites them sexually is the idea of themselves as women. That’s their fantasy. It’s almost as if they’re in love with the woman version of themselves. And that’s where all these phrases like ‘I have a woman inside’ come from. It is on a spectrum with erotic crossdressing which is a common male sexual interest.

Lots of straight men do dress up as women and find it sexy. So some of these men become more and more and more bought into this fantasy to the extent that as they get older it becomes impossible or they think it’s impossible to live without acting out their fantasy.

They don’t want to just keep the fantasy woman to their bedroom or they are going away on cross dressing weekends with other men or whatever it is or sharing pictures on some crossdressing website.    

And now of course, they can go and say I am really a woman.

What is so unusual and destructive about this sexual desire and urge is that it requires everyone else to play along. That’s part of the fantasy. And that’s not true of sexual desires in general.

If you are a man who’s deepest sexual desire is that he is really a woman, then that man requires everybody, specifically women, to agree with him. And he doesn’t just want to cross dress, he wants to come into women’s only spaces because he wants to be in the place where his womanhood is validated. So that doesn’t just mean that he wants to use the women’s toilets and the women’s changing rooms and so on, because that’s convenient, it means he wants to use them for validation. He goes into them specifically.

They do all these things only women can do because that is what they get off on. And any woman who says sorry mate, you’re a man, not welcome, she’s striking a blow at the heart of his own self image and his erotic fantasy as well.

Megyn Kelly summed up the conversation well, “this sexual fetish is taking over our world, our little girls’ world, all of our spaces.”

Watch the full interview here