The trauma of trans regret

A 21-year-old woman is still struggling with suicidal ideation as she attempts to reverse the harm done to her as a transitioning 18 -year-old who suffered with bi-polar, autism, anxiety and depression.

Judith Hunter, the woman’s mother, said her daughter was ‘beguiled, groomed and kidnapped’ by the transgender community.

“There will be a tsunami of kids like our daughter,” she warned.

“It is like being brainwashed in a cult and if you don't go along with it you are punished.'

“When I went to the hospital the next day and asked to see my daughter, I was told I had a son and there was a male name above her bed.”

Judith’s daughter went on to take testosterone and even undertook crowdfunding in an attempt to have a double mastectomy. Three years later she is begging for help to “save her from what she had become”.

The testosterone has caused irreversible effects such as a deeper voice, body and facial hair, a receding hairline and a redistribution of body fat. Her mother said she also suffers “ongoing vaginal atrophy and dryness, causing her significant pain and requiring constant medication”.

Many other parents have reached out and said they experienced similar things.

“The parents who say, ‘no it’s not the right thing to do’, are (attacked) by the kids and the online sites tell them to turn their back on their family. ‘Get rid of your family. We are your family now’,” she said.

Judith expressed great disappointment and frustration with the NSW clinic that enabled her daughter down this pathway.

“The medical professionals who are telling teenage girls to have double mastectomies before they have reached adulthood are evil.

“Telling our girls that being uncomfortable in puberty is a “medical condition” have lost their moral and ethical compass. A generation of young people are being harmed and failed.” 

Ms Hunter compared sections of the transgender community to an 'online cult', which had infiltrated the medical profession.

“It is a horrific medical scandal.”

Professor Diana Kenny, a specialist psychologist in this area agreed.

“It’s a medical scandal aided and abetted by the family court and woke politicians too gutless to speak out,” she said.

“We are now seeing the long-term outcomes with tens of thousands of people wanting to de-transition who have had double mastectomies and cross sex hormones that have changed their body for the rest of their lives.”

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said a tragedy is unfolding before our eyes.

“Radical activists have captured innocent young people via the education and health systems,” she said.

“These young people require specialised care to help them deal with underlying issues such as trauma, abuse and autism.

“Rushing them into transitioning treatments that only equate to appropriation is leaving young people disillusioned and full of regret. Most of the treatments have irreversible side effects and it is criminal to allow this to continue.”