The Stolen Genderation, Part 4 - A Subtle Genocide against the Neuro-diverse

By A. Mother

Every morning I brush my teeth, take my antidepressants, and look in the mirror for the tin foil hat.

“Surely, this is all a crackpot conspiracy theory,” I say to my reflection.

Then I turn my attention to the day ahead. I think of my two lovely, neuro-diverse, gender-dysphoric daughters, and wonder whether the day holds struggle and strife, or growth and questioning.

After declaring herself trans at the age of 16, my now 19-year-old daughter Penny changed her pronouns to “she/him” last week and declared herself non-binary.

This is the same kid who stormed off down to the Gender Clinic a week after her 18th birthday in the grips of a dreadful mental health episode. She was green-lit to start testosterone after a 30-minute consultation. No waiting-period. No questions asked.

There are no safeguards on a gender transition in the state where we live, except parental consent is required for a minor.

Trans Radical Activists (TRAs) have infiltrated the crucial state departments of Health, Social Services, and Education. Their radicalisation of children, under the auspices of promoting equality, form a state-sponsored genocide against the very children they are tasked with protecting.

Admittedly sterilizing a targeted group is the kindest form of genocide. They do let you live to death.

My youngest daughter Polly idolises her older sister. Under Penny’s influence Polly fell under the same spell. Then things got so much worse.

Polly was groomed by her school counsellor (a TRA) to believe that her own family are ‘not safe’ if we don’t affirm her current gender identity. The school nurse (another TRA) gave her a referral to a Gender Clinic behind my back.

Polly was encouraged by her school counsellor and the school nurse to make a false allegation of abuse against her father so that she could declare herself a ‘mature minor’ and thus side-step the only safeguard.

At the age of 16, Polly – a kid on the spectrum who is prone to anxiety and hyper-fixation – would have been able to ask for, and get, access to a class three restricted drug and a double mastectomy.

How did it come to this? I don’t know, but I suspect the answer is ‘slowly and subtly’.

I’m a big fan of Hannah Gadsby – an Australian comedian, and a proud neuro-diverse lesbian.

In an intense irony, if TRAs and Gender Clinics have their way, Hannah Gadsby will be Australia’s last neuro-diverse lesbian.

Neuro-diverse communities and queer communities are bearing the brunt of this subtle and savage state-sponsored genocide.

Neuro-diverse adolescents are uniquely vulnerable to the ‘wrong body’ myth, doubly so if they are same-sex attracted, like Hannah Gadsby (and probably at least one of my daughters 😊).

“I am a girl. I like other girls. Therefore, I am a man,” is a logic that appeals greatly to the adolescent neuro-diverse mind.

As children, the neuro-diverse quickly realise that they are different from their peers. They quickly develop a sense of ‘otherness’. They realise they are weird. They don’t fit in. They have trouble making and keeping friends.

This sense of ‘otherness’, and the longing for a cure to it, is expertly manipulated by TRAs.

All any child wants is inclusion, but inclusion eludes a neuro-diverse child. TRAs promise inclusion in a ‘found family’ of like-minded individuals. But that inclusion comes with a price tag – their fertility.

Therefore, they are aggressively recruited before they can comprehend the value of their fertility.

All children, neuro-diverse and neuro-typical alike, have the inalienable human right to a family life. Whether they choose to exercise that right is beside the point.

Neuro-diverse young people are also prone to fixations. These fixations take time to pass, but pass they do.

At 16, Penny was devoutly trans-identifying. At 18, she was dead keen on starting testosterone. At 19, she is more comfortable identifying as non-binary. Her human right to a family life should not depend on my powers of dissuasion as a mother.

I am a proud neuro-diverse adult human female. Ours is a neuro-diverse family. And there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us. We don’t need to be ‘fixed’ – *shudder*.

I love our Pokémon rand-bats, our cartoon marathons, our enthusiastic un-pickings of plot flaws in superhero movies, our Dungeons & Dragons campaign, and our peculiar in-jokes.

I love my girls.

We are neuro-diverse. And my daughters need time to become proud of that. They need time to learn to love themselves as much as I love them.

And if you are trying to get through to your stubborn, fixated, and possible neuro-diverse child about the extraordinary dangers of a gender transition try these tactics:

  • If your child is familiar with Pokémon, an Everstone is a good analogy for puberty blockers. A Pokémon holding an Everstone will never evolve.
  • If your child is familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, tell them that the chemical stage of a gender transition is a Disguise Self spell that lasts 90 days and has a toxic reagent – testosterone.

I cannot express to you how terrifying it is to see your beloved children gaslit into hating themselves to an extent that is only possible during the worst years of their adolescence. That self-hatred will pass, if they are given time, love and support. Not testosterone and double mastectomies.

Who decided that neuro-diverse children should be convinced to sterilise themselves?

If this is all a crackpot conspiracy theory, even with my tin foil hat pulled down snug around my ears, I can’t think who benefits from it.

Is there a real-life Lex Luthor, quietly creating himself an army of loyal eunuchs before declaring himself Emperor?

Or has some bigot decided that the rise in neuro-diversity in the populace must be ‘cured’, by tricking every vulnerable young neuro-diverse person into sterilising themselves?

This all sounds so crazy, and yet it is my family’s lived experience.

So much is at risk here. An entire generation of very special kids. Kids whose vulnerabilities are expertly targeted and weaponised against them. Kids who cannot understand the contract they sign. Kids who will never be parents, because state employees took them from their own neuro-diverse parents after they were deemed ‘unfit’.

Please help us save our special kids.

Please help us give our kids the time they need to love themselves as much as we, their loving families, love them.

This is a state-sanctioned genocide against neuro-diverse and same-sex attracted vulnerable young people. We will look back on this with great sadness and wonder why we did not act in time to prevent it.

So please my dear friends, please support the work of Binary.

Please match the average donation of $60 to allow Kirralie Smith and her brave band of truth tellers to continue the fight for:

  • Consistent safeguards on gender transition in all states and territories in Australia
  • An inquest into the massive surge in gender transition and the unethical scare tactics of Gender Clinics against parents of gender dysphoric children.
  • An end to the worst child protection scandal since the revelation of the abuses by the Church against the children in their care.
  • An end to the worst medical malpractice scandal since Jayant Patel at Bundaberg Hospital.
  • An end to the most unethical social engineering experience since the Stolen Generation.
  • An end to this subtle genocide.

Thank you for your attention. I appreciate your time.

Yours sincerely,

A. Mother 

Note: A. Mother is a collective pen name used by parents of children and vulnerable young people experiencing Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. This collective pen name is intended to protect the individual contributors from reprisal by Trans Radical Activists, and to protect their children from identification. These stories use pseudonyms, but each is drawn from lived experience.