The Sexualitree

The creators of the Genderbread Person have launched a new project called the Sexualitree.

The Genderbread Person has been used in Australian schools to teach children they can identify as something other than male or female. It is an indoctrination tool to convince children to deny reality and expose them to sexualised concepts.

The Sexualitree is the next in a series of tools to sexualise children.

Activist Sam Killerman is the creative behind the concept. Previously he gifted the first ‘all gender restroom’ sign for common usage. He is the author of A Guide to Gender that focusses on a social justice perspective. He is also one of the creators of, a platform for LGBTQ and ‘ally’ training materials.

Dr Karen Rayne is also behind the Sexualitree. She has a PhD in Educational Psychology and founded Unhushed, a sex education website. Her book, Breaking the Hush Factor: Ten rules for talking with teenagers about sex, is meant to encourage adults such as teachers and activists to speak with children about sex.

Together these creators want to “talk about sexuality in a way that is inviting, free of shame and stigma, and helps folks better understand themselves and others”.

The idea of the Sexualitree is to explore sexuality on three levels, “1. intimate (you, and the people you’re romantic or sexual with), 2. relational (your family, your friends, and everyone else you know personally), and 3. cultural (everyone in your city, state, or country) levels.”

The poster is a graphic representation of these three levels and contains 45 words that are to be discussed by adults with teens.

Kicking off at number one is abortion, followed by abstinence.  Other words include fantasy, fetish, masturbation, oral sex, pornography, rape, risk taking, sex toys and skin hunger.

Are these the kinds of topics you want teachers and activists encouraging your kids to explore?

Imagine what children will be confronted with when they google these words and have conversations with adults about these topics who are not their parents.

Be informed and beware, this could be coming to a school or lunchtime program near you very soon.