The Sex Discrimination Commissioner can’t define sex

Senator Malcolm Roberts has done an outstanding job exposing the lunacy of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner being unable to defend sex because it was removed from the act in 2013.

The Senator questioned the Sex Discrimination Commissioner Anna Cody during an Estimates hearing. He was particularly focused on the Commission’s intervention in the Tickle v Giggle federal court case scheduled for April this year.

You really need to watch the full video to get the impact. I admit I laughed out loud several times as Senator Roberts questioned Sex Discrimination Commissioner Anna Cody who was visibly uncomfortable with many of the questions. Straight up she admitted that ‘man, ‘woman’ and ‘sex’ are not defined in the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA).

My question is “How on earth can a man identify as a woman if we don’t know what a woman is?”

Consider this. The tax-payer is funding a sex discrimination commissioner who can’t define sex. Additionally there are no protections for ‘sex’ based rights in the Sex Discrimination Act. There is only protection for gender identity in the Act which Roberts so eloquently pointed out. Several times he highlighted the fact that the way a person expresses themselves is protected but sex is not.

Roberts also shone a spotlight on the incredible statement the Commission has issued that a person can change their sex after birth.

“So the Human Rights Commission believes sex can be changed after birth?” he asked.

“That is recognised in law in all of the states and territories,” Anna Cody replied.

“Do you really believe this is really in line with reality and most Australians' views? I take it you don’t but that is the way the law sees it?”

All she could do was waffle on with a response about representing the act, which doesn’t protect sex despite being called the Sex Discrimination Act.

Roberts continued, “This is about expression not science or body?

Ms Cody, visibly uncomfortable, answered, “I think it is a combination. Bodies haven’t changed, no.”

The real gold came when Senator Roberts pointed out, “Are you aware, I’m told, sex operations only offer two options? Male or female?”

The Commissioner was at first silent and then began to move uncomfortably in her seat before responding, “I can’t help you with that question Senator.”

So we are paying exorbitant amounts for a Commissioner who cannot even define the first word of her portfolio nor defend the common sense, scientific, evidence-based reality that sex is binary and cannot be changed.

Let’s hope this gets widely reported on when she has to give testimony in the Tickle v Giggle case in April.

Anna Cody also emphasised that she is there to protect LGBT+ rights but made no mention of the rights of women, which was one of the reasons the Act was created in the first place.