The American Red Cross policy that denies biological reality

Biology matters, though apparently not if you are a man who *feels* like a woman, then biology just has to take a back seat.

The American Red Cross has revealed they will now allow males who pretend to be women to donate their blood, even if they have been having sex with other males.

Under normal circumstances, males who engage in sexual activity with other males are asked to wait three months before donating blood, a requirement that will be waived for men who self-ID as women.

According to the American Red Cross website, the organization says it “understand[s] that there is a difference between biological sex and gender,” but goes on to clarify that the Red Cross is following the recommendations of the FDA to determine donor eligibility on the basis of self-declared sex, as opposed to biological sex of the potential donors. 

This change would allow a homosexual or bisexual male to present at the clinic and self-describe himself as “female” or “trans” and be exempted from the 3-month deferral typically associated with males who actively engage in sexual activity with other males. This may pose a risk to both the Red Cross staff, the donor, and the viability of blood donations.

Gay men have previously been limited in giving blood due to higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Usually men who have sex with other men must wait 3 months before donating.

A member of the Reduxx team called the Red Cross Donor and Client Support Center posing as a biological male who identified as a woman to check eligibility requirements. When the agent was asked if a person “assigned male at birth” who was actively having sex with other biological males was able to donate blood, he responded that so long as the potential donor self-declared their sex as “female,” they would be allowed.

“If you identify as a female… if you answer the question as a female, anything that’s going to come up– regarding the transgenderism… is not going to apply,” the agent stated, after consulting with his managerial team for several minutes.

Similarly under the rules, females who identify as “men” and who have sex with biological males or other females who identify as “men” are ineligible and subject to the 3-month deferral.

Males who identify as “female” and have sex with other males who identify as “female” are eligible to donate under the lesbian guidelines.

The policy of self-identification applies to all forms of blood, plasma, and platelet donation, which contradicts The Red Cross’ weight and height requirements for donors on the basis of sex. Regular donors are also allowed to have information on their sex changed upon verbal confirmation, which the Red Cross perplexingly claims is for the sake of “donor safety and accuracy of records.” Individuals do not need to declare that they are transgender.

The three month waiting period is so blood screening can pick up evidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the policy puts lives at risk.

“It is utterly absurd to change a policy that is dependent on biological factors,” she said.

“Blood donated by men who have sex with men is at risk. This is not unjustly discriminatory, it is not a matter of feelings, stereotypes, or perception. It is a serious medical issue that could cause devastation to recipients if the blood is contaminated.

“This policy highlights the incredible lunacy people are willing to sink to in an effort to appease extremists.

“Men are not female and never can be, regardless of their costume, drug taking or surgery.”