The ABC issues correction regarding Kellie-Jay Keen

The ABC has made a correction regarding the Let Women Speak founder Kellie-Jay Keen. During their interview with opposition Victorian state leader John Pesutto they implied she was associated with neo-Nazi’s.

Kellie-Jay Keen - ABC News

On 27 March 2023, the ABC broadcast a 7.30 interview with Victorian opposition leader John Pesutto. That interview referred to the organisers of the “Let Women Speak” event held in Melbourne earlier that month and included a social media post by “Posie Parker”. Some viewers may have understood the interview to suggest that Kellie-Jay Keen, who was not named in the interview, who organised the Melbourne “Let Women Speak” event, has associations with Neo-Nazis. The ABC understands Ms Keen denies any association with Neo-Nazis and the ABC does not endorse any imputation that may have been conveyed to that effect. 

Clearly the ABC is concerned about libel. The Victorian opposition leader now has three defamation lawsuits as a direct result of claims he made regarding the Let Women Speak event held in Melbourne during March 2023.

Moira Deeming, a democratically elected MP was expelled from the parliamentary party after he also smeared her with the false accusation of being associated with neo-Nazi’s.

Angela Jones, one of the organisers, has also started proceedings against him.

Will the ABC’s correction have any bearing on his attitude or the facts of the case? Let’s hope so.

Kelli-Jay, Moira, Angela and all the women who attended the rally did nothing wrong. The actions of the actual Nazi’s, the media and Pesutto are all evidence of why we need events to simply Let Women Speak. There is nothing wrong with speaking out in defence of women’s sex-based rights. It is incredible that these women need to go to court to set the record straight.

John Pesutto and his colleagues need to apologise.