Tackling the transgender narrative in South Australia

South Australia. What a beautiful state full of beautiful people.

I have just spent the weekend here speaking at the Church and State conference, as well as meeting incredible supporters.

Politicians, church leaders, social commentators, community leaders and members came together to discuss cultural issues and how we can make a difference at the conference.

I spoke about Truth and Love: Sex and Gender. The bottom line, it is not loving, or truthful, to lie to anyone by encouraging them to ‘change’ their sexual identity. It is impossible to change sex. It is not loving, or truthful, to put children on medicalised pathways that lead to zero sexual function, sterility and other serious health issues. No amount of drugs or surgery can make a person change their sex.

I spoke with Senator Alex Antic about practical ways we can support him in the senate to highlight and counter the harmful narrative capturing so many young people that is destroying lives and families. He is doing outstanding work in his capacity as a senator with some very good things yet to come.

Social commentator, journalist and former pastor James Macpherson had us rolling in the aisles, using humour and satire to emphasise incredibly powerful issues about all things ‘woke.’

Videos of all the speakers will be available soon.

I also spent time with a small group of very politically engaged mums and dads, teachers and business leaders. We discussed gender ideology in SA and what actions we can take to tackle the issue here on the ground.

I heard devastating accounts from individuals deeply impacted by transgender ideology. Their heart-wrenching accounts brought me to tears. The pressure from activists in the education and health system is appalling. The ignorance and wilful lies are astonishing!

I wrapped up my time with a beautiful group of supporters, ready and willing to volunteer and do all they can to raise awareness about the issues in this stunning part of our nation. We shared stories, discussed strategies and encouraged one another with ways to counter dangerous gender ideology in schools, the health system, and in the community. There were twice as many apologies from those unable to make it on the day.

Thank you for having me SA, I look forward to all we can achieve together.