Sydney displays pornographic murals for World Pride

Why are LGBT+ World Pride participants so obsessed with public displays of profanity, nudity and child sexual exploitation?

As World Pride events ramp up in Sydney, so do the public displays of vile and depravity.

This week two murals have gone up in Sydney that are anything but something to be proud of.

A bondage clad teddy bear-faced man was put up outside a busy Sydney train Sydney, but was quickly vandalised because of the exposure to children.

Now a colourful set of wings is on display in Surrey Hills that will no doubt attract young people. It is called “Dick Wings” and features hundreds of colourful penises that make up the wings. Creator Scott Marsh tweeted, “Few fresh sets of #Dickwings have popped up on King/Cleveland & King/Watkins 🍆”

Why are such obscene images associated with the LGBT+ festivals that now seem to target children?

The World Pride event is quickly degenerating into a grooming festival that will repulse many everyday Australians.

It is completely and utterly unnecessary to splash pornographic images across a city at any time.

It is completely and utterly unnecessary to expose children to any sexual activities, images, orientations, identities or ideologies.

Leave our kids alone!