Sydney and Brisbane Let Women Speak

It is incredible that in 2023 women who want to gather in public and declare “men are not women” need police protection!

Let Women Speak kicked off a national capital city tour over the weekend in Sydney and Brisbane. Hundreds of women, and male supporters, gathered in Victoria Park, Sydney and Reddacliff Place, Brisbane to share stories and discuss why women and girls deserve and need single-sex spaces and services.

The events were met by aggressive protestors shouting obscenities, brandishing noise makers and chanting meaningless slogans.

Of course the media twisted the facts and labelled the event “anti-trans”, claiming there were “clashes”. They also falsely insinuated that riot police were called because of the threat of clashes. The riot police were present to protect women and keep the activists away from our peaceful gathering to simply Let Women Speak. They did an excellent job at both events.

How utterly ridiculous to claim that women defending sex-based rights are somehow the perpetrators of aggression! It is males appropriating female stereotypes, and their supporters, who are anti-women, and often aggressive in doing so, spewing threats and insults, and bullying anyone who disagrees with their premise that males can be female.

The police kept the agitators at bay and many women were able to take the microphone to share their views. Despite the protestors’ best efforts women did indeed speak! You can watch the live streams that are now posted on YouTube here:

Sydney: Let Women Speak Australia - Sydney #letwomenspeaksydney #letwomenspeak - YouTube

Brisbane: Let Women Speak Australia - Brisbane - YouTube

Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith said the events were inspiring, with Kellie-Jay and her team providing an excellent platform to give women a voice.

“During  the past decade we have witnessed an alarming trend to silence women,” she said.

“Censorship, bullying and intimidation stops women sharing their stories about the need for single-sex spaces.”

Ms Smith said that anti-discrimination laws are even being brandished in an attempt to silence women.

“Over the weekend, brave women and men stood together to allow women to speak,” she said.

“It was both heartbreaking and inspiring to listen to and support the broad range of women present.

“The issues facing women today are not left or right issues, have nothing to do with ethnicity or religion.

Ms Smith said there had been a concerted attack on women simply because of their biology and the reality of being female.

“Men are not women and should have no right to our sex-based spaces or services,” she said.