Surfing Australia demonstrate utter contempt for women

In another blow to women’s sport, a male longboard surfer has taken the crown as the women’s state champion in Western Australia.

The insulting headline says it all as supporters boast about ‘destroying’ the competition.

“LGBTQ+ community jubilant as world’s first competitive trans surfer destroys opposition to win one-sided women’s longboard contest; becomes first surfer in history to win men’s and women’s division.”

Of course it was one-sided, there are men’s and women’s divisions because men and women are different. Females have a separate category because they are disadvantaged by biological reality.

In the final, Lowerson, a forty-three-year-old strawberry blonde who has ridden “stupidly big Waimea” and who won the male division of the WA longboard titles in 2019 as Ryan Egan (whom Lowerson talks about in the podcast below) before transitioning, combo-ed one surfer, the other three gals needed nine-pluses to win.

After finishing third in the Australian titles as a man, Lowerson called up officials and threatened to make a scene if they didn’t smooth his way to compete as a female. Incredibly, the officials gave in to his threat.

“Umm, this is me, the last time I competed in your Australian titles I was third, what are you going to do? I was pretty frank about it. We can do this two ways. We can do it together and make it amazing or we can do it terribly and it’s a circus and you guys are the only ones who are going to  come out looking silly… I’d prefer to not go through that.”

Head judge Glen Elliot was super cool, says Lowerson, and told her he’d “love to see you still competing.”

Why did Surfing Australia concede so easily?

Why have they displayed such contempt toward their female competitors?

What would happen if any of those female competitors objected to a male in their female category?

Can Surfing Australia even define the term “female?”