Suicide rates double for ‘post-op’ males

A study of 869 males and 357 females who have undergone “sex reassignment” surgery has revealed that suicide rates double after the males are castrated and a neo-vagina is constructed.

“The overall rates of suicide attempts doubled after vaginoplasty,” or the removal of the phallus (penis) and simultaneous construction of a vagina-like opening, the study found, even while recognizing that “[r]ates of psychiatric emergencies are high both before and after gender-affirming surgery.”

The study found that 22.2 percent of those who received a vaginoplasty and 20.7 percent of those who received a phalloplasty had at least one ER or in-patient psychiatric encounter during the time in which the study was conducted.

“Although the overall proportion of those experiencing a psychiatric encounter was similar between the vaginoplasty and phalloplasty groups, suicide attempts were more common in the vaginoplasty group,” the research revealed.

The study also discovered that if there was a psychiatric encounter before the patient had undergone surgery, the rate of a psychiatric encounter occurring again was 33.9 percent for the vaginoplasty group and 26.5 percent for the phalloplasty group.

It is cruel to lie to already vulnerable and confused people by deceiving them into thinking they can change their sex. They can’t. Cosmetic surgery is simply that, cosmetic. But in the case of genitals it comes with serious implications and serious risks of infections and complications.

For males to have a false ‘vagina’ means they have to continually agitate the open wound to prevent it from closing or being infected. Many report it increases their dysphoria to constantly have to attend to a wound that is a poor imitation of the real thing.

It would be far more effective and kind to assist these people to address their dysphoria in non-invasive ways. Preventing further distress should be the goal. It is incredible that these vulnerable people are being experimented on and being fed a false hope that they can change their sex with drugs or surgery. That promise can never be fulfilled and it is costing lives.