Study finds vulnerable youth have excessive internet usage

This so-called news reporting is insane to read.

A new national study has found that transgender preteens, 12 and 13 years old, reported 13 hours of daily recreational screen time, which was 4.5 hours more than their cisgender peers. Data were collected from 2019 to 2021, overlapping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the study was published in Annals of Epidemiology.

What exactly is a “transgender preteen”?

A child younger than 12 who still requires parental supervision, can’t drive, can’t smoke, can’t gamble, can’t get a tattoo, can’t even walk across the road near a school without a lollipop man or lady telling them it is safe to go – is somehow recognised as a person who can decide to ‘change their sex.’

It is impossible to transition to the opposite sex. To identify as the opposite sex is to be committed to living a lie.

No child is born in the wrong body; how cruel to even suggest that to a vulnerable child who is obviously struggling with underlying issues. Identifying as something else may reduce the intensity of the trauma, depression, or whatever is causing the gender incongruence, but it solves nothing. In fact it creates a cruel and unkind situation for the child now having to maintain the lie with costumes, drugs and eventually harmful surgical procedures.

“Cis-gender” is an offensive and unnecessary term. A person is either male or female, boy or girl, man or woman. There is nothing in between. There is no third gender or sex. There may be sexual disorders but it is either a female with male sex characteristics or a male with female characteristics. Sex is binary – only 2 options.

What is most alarming about this first paragraph is that vulnerable pre-teens are permitted to access content online for 4.5 more hours than their peers!

Children who cannot discern wrong from right in many instances. Children who need to be instructed about meals and nutrition, bed times, how to behave in civil society are being left unsupervised for hours on end and we wonder why they are being so negatively influenced?

It is not rocket science.

If these pre-teens were taught biology 101 and self-acceptance and how to be resilient and resourceful they would have a much better chance of healthy development.

Puberty is a human right, and necessity! It is something we must all endure on the road to maturity. To circumvent it, to pause it, to halt it altogether is horrifyingly cruel and leads to catastrophic, irreversible harm.

Allowing these children 4.5 hours more than their peers on the internet is not kind.

The study found that "Using social media and the internet for virtual communication could be helpful for transgender preteens to find and receive support from other transgender people who may not be available in their local communities."

That is not helpful, it is cruel and will not set these young ones free. Lying to them and convincing them to live a lie, to become life-long medical industry consumers is an avoidable tragedy. Pre teens need adult supervision, healthy habits, exercise, and a lot of encouragement to accept themselves just as they are.