Mark Latham’s Bill to stop gender fluidity in NSW schools

One Nation’s NSW leader Mark Latham will introduce a bill into the NSW Parliament this week to strengthen parental rights and ban gender fluidity programs in classrooms and  in teacher training.

This bill is more important than ever because, despite the extreme Safe Schools program having been banned in 2017 in NSW, there are nevertheless constant efforts being undertaken to sneak in radical gender fluidity content into schools and teacher training. The recent exposition by Mark Latham of the MultiVerse programs being taught to early childhood educators is but one example of the continual and sneaky ways that the content of such programs is making its way into the school system.

In particular, Mr Latham targets the NSW Teacher’s Federation which is mandating materials in NSW Schools that blatantly carry on the Safe Schools agenda.

Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine has been scathing of the union’s role:

“The upshot is that the union blithely ignores the government’s 2017 decision to scrap Safe Schools and works assiduously to subvert it.”

Mr Latham is alert to the real agenda of the radical gender activists:

“Roz Ward has admitted Safe Schools was never an anti-bullying program; it was only ever a neo-Marxist indoctrination program. Yet the Teachers Federation has still gone down this path, defying the wishes of the elected NSW Government.”

Some examples of the materials that are being recommended for every NSW government school by the Teachers Federation which have been identified by Mr Latham include:

  • The Standout-Minus 18 guide, written by Roz Ward in 2011 for the Victorian Safe Schools Coalition;
  • The Gaby Baby Curriculum Guide ‘showing teachers where they can fit gender fluidity teaching into existing school syllabuses and ‘Wellbeing Programs’ for students as young as Kindergarten’;
  • The “All of Us” Safe Schools;
  • The National Safe Schools Framework;
  • PRISM Online ‘which specialises in attacking heterosexuality’;
  • Material from The Gender Centre and Transtopia Youth.

Binary polling this year confirms that a majority of parents support Mr Latham’s approach to this issue, regardless of whether they are Coalition or Labor supporters.  The polling found that 88 percent of Coalition supporters and 72 percent of Labor voters agreed that parents should have a right to know what is being taught and to be free to pull children out of classes.