Keep radical gender theory away from our young children!

Keep radical gender theory away from our young children!

Gender activists are finding new and creative ways to sneak back radical gender ideology into NSW schools.

NSW One Nation MP Mark Latham has blown the lid on “MultiVerse”, a teacher training program that is bringing back radical gender indoctrination into the education system ‘through the back door’.

These NESA accredited school teacher training courses are being provided to our preschool children care staff.

The teaching is for children as young as three years old.

Friend, this is nothing other than an attempt to find new ways to re-package dangerous Safe Schools ideology whilst staying under the radar.

The activists have found a way to continue their indoctrination of our youth, despite the dangerous Safe Schools program being banned in NSW in 2017. Parents expect education, not indoctrination, when they entrust their children to schools.

Courses like this should be de-registered and banned.  

This is why I’m asking you to take action today – by signing a petition calling on the New South Wales government to scrap accreditation for teacher programs such as ‘MultiVerse” and others like it.

It is so important we send the New South Wales Liberal government a strong message. 

Together, we can be a voice for Australia’s children.

Yours in celebrating men and women,

Kirralie Smith
Binary Spokeswoman

2,000 signatures

Will you sign?

New South Wales Liberal Government,

We should be doing everything we can to preserve the innocence of children.

The program ‘MultiVerse’, accredited through the NSW Education Standards Authority, encourages teachers and early childhood educators to put their ‘queer lens on’ and indoctrinate young children in radical gender theory.  

I call on you to promise to scrap the accreditation of ‘MultiVerse’ and programs like it, which seek to indoctrinate children in radical gender fluidity and sexualization programs from a young age without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

Let kids be kids.