Shame on NZ’s violent men and trans activists!

Shame on Auckland New Zealand politicians and media. Shame on aggressive males and trans activists who resorted to threats, intimidation and assault to stop women speaking at a public event. Shame on all who refuse to engage and listen to the reasons that women need single-sex spaces and services.

Kellie-Jay Keen took her Let Women Speak events to New Zealand where she was assaulted and the crowd was left without appropriate police support. Keen was attacked by a violent activist who sprayed her with a sauce-like substance. She was then abused and corralled as security guards tried to evacuate her from this dangerous situation.

Elderly men and women, along with other supporters were punched, abused and spat upon for simply attending the event to listen to women share their stories about why they need single-sex spaces.

The media have repeated the lies fabricated about Kellie-Jay, falsely smearing her as a Nazi, while the police promised protection but failed to deliver.

Keen tweeted about some of the mistreatment and posted disturbing videos from the event.

As soon as she arrived a protester stepped up and threw a sauce-like substance on her and her bodyguards.

Others rightly pointed out that it was the males and trans activists behaving violently, not the women or their supporters who simply turned up to speak and listen. 

The trans activists incited violence on social media, made death threats and delighted in the fear they caused.

Auckland Pride tried to claim there was no threat to Kellie-Jay. How would you feel being surrounded by aggressive male activists like this? Imagine if crowds were behaving this way toward Jacinta Ardern or other left leaning public figures. It would never be tolerated.

"We also reject that there was any further physical threat from our community towards Parker. This is a baseless rumour that is being perpetrated by those who feel defeated by the events of today. We urge the media not to repeat these allegations without evidence."

Dr Rawiri Taonui describes himself as a “Papa of 4, koro of 2, retired professor, independent writer, indigenous & human rights, chess, mōteatea, symphony, opera, weightlifting, boxing & rugby.”

He openly advocated threats and violence toward Kellie-Jay Keen and her supporters.

“Freedom of speech is an important and inalienable human right. When exercised injudiciously one must accept responsibility for the consequences that follow.”

Yet I and others are banned from social media for stating the fact that men are not women.

Finally you can watch the events unfold from Kellie-Jay Keen herself. She was visibly concerned even before she arrived at the event. Despite her fear, she turned up, was abused and ushered out in fear of her life!

Where were the police? Why is it suddenly acceptable for males to openly threaten women who simply want to defend women’s sex-based spaces and services?

This is what happens when the media lies, when politicians lie, and when people don’t stand for what is true and right and good.