Sex is a biological fact

NHS to declare sex is biological in landmark shift against gender ideology (

Can you believe it is 2024 and this is the major headline in the UK, “The NHS is to declare that sex is a matter of biology in a landmark shift against gender ideology.”

Sex is a biological fact. It has been immutable and observable throughout all time, in every culture. Yet we are in this absurd situation where a health service, presumably based in biology, has to issue a formal statement declaring what we all know to be true.

Politicians have written non-sensical legislation based on lies both in the UK and here in Australia.

Turning a lie into legislation doesn’t magically make it true.

Politicians could lie and write a law that states crocodiles are harmless and every children’s day care centre ought to have one in the playground, but it would not change the fact that crocodiles are deadly.

Yet they have written laws that state a person can change their sex if they want to. Their laws do not equal reality or truth. No one can change their sex!

At least the National Health Service in the UK have come to their sense and are writing the fact into their constitution.

Changes to the health service’s written constitution proposed by ministers will for the first time ban trans women from women-only wards, and give women the right to request a female doctor for intimate care.

The NHS constitution, a document that aims to set out the principles and values of the health service and legal rights for patients and staff, was last updated in 2015. It has to be updated at least every 10 years by the Secretary of State.

In 2021, NHS guidance said trans patients could be placed in single-sex wards based on the gender with which they identified.

Under the proposals, the constitution will state: “We are defining sex as biological sex.”

The clarification means that the right to a single-sex ward means patients would “not have to share sleeping accommodation with patients of the opposite biological sex”.

Health care is sex specific in many circumstances. Playing word games is not helpful. Males are male and have unique health issues determined by their biology. The same goes for females.

Adults can identify however they like, but to force others to go along with their lies is not kind, and in some cases it is very dangerous to do so.