Senator Claire Chandler calls out harassment of women who speak out

Tasmanian Senator Claire Chandler has delivered a powerful speech to her colleagues and the nation regarding the denigration of women who dare to speak out in defence of women’s sex-based rights.

The Senator referred to events over the past few weeks where Let Women Speak events were shut down due to violent males objecting to women speaking. She spoke about physical assaults, lawfare, bullying and threats that women face simply for defending hard fought and won sex-based rights.

“It is hard to believe the intensity of the attacks a woman receives in 2023 simply for saying these rights should continue to be available for women and girls in Australia.”

In her speech she referenced the attacks on women via social media and in person. She also took aim at the media and politicians who malign and denigrate women who dare to speak up:

“And they come from the media and political leaders who defame, denigrate and punish women defending their own rights in order to appeal to the more authoritarian elements of the left.”

 “This political and media culture has been created for one reason, to try and intimidate women out of raising completely legitimate concerns about the erosion of our own rights.”

Chandler referred back to her 2019 speech and questions asking whether or not Sport Australia allowed females to have protections for single-sex sports as it is permissible to do so under law. There are provisions, under law, for all people to compete in sport without harming the rights, fairness, safety and dignity of women.

“For more than two years, the media both here in Australia and around the world, insisted with everything they could muster that maintaining this position was bigotry.”

Chandler highlighted the fact they are out of step with major world sporting bodies such as World Athletics, World Aquatics and World Rugby.

“In Australia women are defamed and denigrated for holding the same position as the global governing bodies for athletics and for swimming.”

Chandler concluded her speech by calling out the lie that no athlete is calling for single-sex sports to be protected. She indicated she often speaks with athletes, coaches and supporters who continually raise their concerns.

It is extraordinary the lengths that some sporting bodies will go to, in order to try and silence concerns about these matters. Do not be intimidated or give in to their threats. This is an issue that must be debated in public for the sake of women and girls, and for fairness and safety in all sports.